In a world far away from this one, a tiny babe was placed into a space-pod by his loving parents with good intentions. Kacidilla has nothing to do with that baby, but she reads about things like that all the time. Every now and then she tries her hand at writing, but for the most part, all she comes up with are the conversations between Ruby Flash and Ginger Blaze. When she’s not peering out from her Lurkum on dark, dank midnights in August, she hires people to pretend to be her friends and to laugh at her jokes. She doesn’t always understand when she is joking, though, which leads to some confusion…but she’s taking lessons.

About Ginger: Ginger Blaze pays her bills by working for a large corporation by the name of…okay, so she has never bothered to learn what corporation she works for. But she’s pretty sure it has something to do with insurance. Maybe. She tells people her job title is “Office Lackey,” as this is a more descriptive term than what it actually is. She is currently working on a novel, but refuses to acknowledge it for reasons known only to her. Ginger’s passions include grammar, television shows, movies, novels of any kind, travel, keeping Ruby from getting too bored, and avoiding reality. She does not remove her sunglasses for anything – she’s never given an answer for this. Ruby gave up asking. She is a little A.D.D., but is convinced this only makes her more productive. Ruby has never bothered to correct her.

About Ruby: Ruby Flash met Ginger Blaze at the Chicago Auto Show years ago (neither will admit to how many years have actually passed). They also will not admit to what made them start talking to each other, and the security tapes from those two hours have mysteriously disappeared, as well. Nevertheless, Ruby and Ginger became good friends as a result. Ruby’s passions include mathematics, logic, romance novels, keeping Ginger from getting into too much trouble, board games, world-domination-computer games, computer programming and – of course – her darling boyfriend, Fly. She is a computer programmer for a large un-named company. Ginger is still convinced Ruby’s job title is officially “Computer Guru.” Ruby has never bothered to correct her.


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