Echoes of the Future

*echoing footsteps as Ruby and Ginger step out into a large empty space.*

Ruby:   Wow.

Ginger: Yeah.

Ruby:   It’s, um…pretty big here.

Ginger: Yeah, but we have a lot of baggage.

Ruby:   No, I know that, but…it’s…pretty…

Ginger: Empty?

Ruby:   Yeah.

Ginger: Just think, we can start putting things in here and *still* have room to re-enact Fred and Ginger scenes.

Ruby:   I’m not playing Fred to your Ginger.

Ginger: But I am Ginger.

Ruby:   Can you do everything I can do, backwards and in heels?

Ginger: Well—

Ruby:   No, you can’t program a mirrored keyboard while typing with your shoes. I’ve seen you type with your shoes. It’s not a pretty sight.

Ginger: Well, no, I guess I can’t…especially since you took away my mirrored keyboard.

Ruby:   Ginger, you were using it to play pranks on people. You only switched the keys…every time I pushed the ‘A’ key, I got an apostrophe!

Ginger: T fbepx

Ruby:   Use the *correct* keyboard, Ginger. No one can understand you.

Ginger: I said “I know.”

Ruby:   No re-enactments for you!

Ginger: I wonder if we echo…Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?

Ruby:   I can’t believe I’m starting a website with someone who actually *writes out* an echo.

Ginger: How else are we supposed to explain it’s new, it’s big, and it’ll get filled up as time goes by?

Ruby:   You’re not writing out any more echoes, do you understand?

Ginger: But, RUBY! Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! It’s more fun than expecting the general public to imagine an echo.

Ruby:   You think we have a general public? We just started this!

Ginger: We have friends.

Ruby:   Who think we’re weird…

Ginger: They’ll get some of the jokes!

Ruby:   Maybe we should have a sideline, where we just spend a lot of time explaining why we exist.

Ginger: Someday, we’ll get a store and sell things…

Ruby:   Keep dreaming, there, Ginger.

Ginger: What?

Ruby:   What sort of “things” are we going to sell?

Ginger: You know…things…like…um…

Ruby:   Yeah. Okay.

Ginger: Look, just TRY try try the echo thing. It’s fun. Really.

Ruby:   You are so odd.

Ginger:  Go on…you know you wanna!

Ruby:   *sigh* Ginger?

Ginger:  Yes?

Ruby:   FOCUS! FOCUS! Focus! FOCUS! Focus! FOCUS! Focus! FOCUS! Focus!

Ginger: See? Wasn’t that cool? Hey! Your echo is different from mine!

Ruby:   It would have to be. How else will the General Public note the difference in voices?

Ginger: …you just made that up so yours can be cooler than mine.

Ruby:   It still works as an excuse, doesn’t it?


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