Ruby:   What are you doing?

Ginger: Nothing.

Ruby:   Were you…drawing on yourself again?

Ginger: No.

Ruby:   Is that why you have a face on your hand?

Ginger: I don’t…I don’t know how it got there. It…uh…it must have been an accident.

Ruby:   Yeah. You’re not back to that whole tattoo idea again, are you?

Ginger: It’s my skin…

Ruby:   We’ve been over this. If you get a tattoo, you’d have to change most of your wardrobe to hide it at work.

Ginger: Not if it’s somewhere I already cover.

Ruby:   *sigh* Ginger, no. No more tattoos. I forbid it.

Ginger: You’re not the boss of me.

Ruby:   You cannot have another tattoo.

Ginger: Why not?

Ruby:   Because you’d get bored of it.

Ginger: No, I wouldn’t.

Ruby:   What could you possibly tattoo on your body that you would not be ashamed of, embarrassed of, bored of or annoyed by in two weeks, let alone two years or even twenty years? It’s permanent! What could you possibly want to be on your skin that long?

Ginger: Strong Bad.

Ruby:   …are you kidding me?

Ginger: He’s a grammar freak, just like me, he’s a cartoon and an icon, he’ll always be funny–

Ruby:   I am not having this conversation with you.

Ginger: Why not? Because you know you’re wrong?

Ruby:   Is that what you’re drawing on your hand? Strong Bad?

Ginger: It’s just practice…

Ruby:   You’re drawing–in washable ink–Strong Bad’s face on your hand and you’re embarrassed that I caught you…and you’re still contemplating getting it permanently inked into your flesh.

Ginger: Well…maybe I’ll wait another year or so…

Ruby:   Uh-huh…we’ll continue this conversation in a year or so…

Ginger: Don’t think you’ve won. I’ll expect this conversation to pick up exactly where we left off in one year. Or so.

Ruby:   Yeah. Okay. And I promise to not bring up your other tattoo that you’re already bored of and embarrassed of, even though you got it last year.

Ginger: Hey, it was cool when I thought of it!

Ruby:   I’m sure it was.

Ginger: And I’m not bored of it…I just think it could use some company…

Ruby:   And you’re not embarrassed of it, either, right?

Ginger: …well…um…you’re…not the boss of me…

Ruby:   Whatever.

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