Ginger: What is happening to the world at large?!

Ruby: Um, what?

Ginger: The world! It’s tilting at a crazy angle and the crazies of everyday life are all running to one side of the orb, filling and mixing and drowning me in the terrible wake!

Ruby: Do I count five empty bottles of H-2-Go at your feet?

Ginger: I am surrounded by crazies! I can’t help but run into them!

Ruby: Did you drink five bottles of H-2-Go?! That’s the same amount as 15 cups of coffee!

Ginger: First, I saw a street performer dancing to “Love You Madly!”

Ruby: How could you drink five bottles of H-2-Go?

Ginger: Then, outside the building, Jeremy Irons was filming a movie! Jeremy Irons! The man with the most beautiful voice EVER!

Ruby: Five, Ginger, FIVE! Okay, maybe you need to run a few laps or something and burn this energy off…

Ginger: And all I had to do today was run errands from one end of the building to the other, so I kept passing the filming! Jeremy Irons, Ruby, JEREMY IRONS!

Ruby: Right, got that…could you just, maybe, speak a teensy tiny bit slower?

Ginger: I’m not speaking that fast! You’re the one not listening! Then, despite the fact that I have plans tonight, who do I run into in the midst of my errands?

Ruby: Do you normally shake this much, or have I just missed that the entire time I’ve known you?

Ginger: That’s right! Freddy from the train! Freddy! The most boring man on earth who always sat next to me and asked me how my day was, then sat silently because we had nothing else to talk about for the rest of the 30-minute train ride!

Ruby: I think I heard the word “Freddy” in there somewhere…were you watching horror movies again? You know you can’t sleep after that…is that why you drank so much H-2-Go?

Ginger: No, don’t be ridiculous! I drank the water so I would have an errand to run all day long so that I could walk past Jeremy Irons every twenty minutes or so. Don’t you want to know why Freddy is here all of a sudden?

Ruby: Seriously, no more caffeine for you…

Ginger: Because he works here now! Boring Freddy works in my office now! I thought I was safe from his mind-boggling lack of conversation once I moved, but NOOOOOOO!

Ruby: Okay, Freddy came up on a girl with his claws shining and the girl screamed “nooooo!”? Seriously, you are not allowed to pick out your own rentals anymore. You’re only hurting me by doing this…

Ginger: Why do you not listen to me? Oh, did I tell you I had 5 bottles of H-2-Go and I haven’t been affected by it?

Ruby: I’m confiscating your supply of caffeinated water.

Ginger: Ruby! Wow! Hi! When did you get here?


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