Out To Lunch

Ruby: Hey, you ready to go? The Skigh-no is parked just outside.

Ginger: I still can’t believe you let me call your car the Skigh-no.

Ruby: It was better than your other so-called choices.

Ginger: Lots of people would drive a car named The Oil-Burninator.

Ruby: Doubt it. C’mon. Food. Let’s go.

Ginger: Yeah, just let me put this note up.

Ruby: Am I reading this right?

Ginger: ‘Out to Lunch – Not Like That – Back At 1.’ Why?

Ruby: Why do you have to specify?

Ginger: Specify what?

Ruby: Which ‘out to lunch’ you’re doing…

Ginger: You’ve lost me.

Ruby: ‘Out to Lunch – Not Like That?’

Ginger: Yeah, it’s a little inside joke with Sonya and Chloe.

Ruby: It’s really not that inside.

Ginger: What are you talking about?

Ruby: Everyone knows what ‘out to lunch’ means.

Ginger: …I repeat, What are you talking about?

Ruby: You’ve never heard of the term ‘out to lunch?’

Ginger: Only when I’m going out to lunch…

Ruby: It means…are you serious?

Ginger: It means are you serious? What kind of a stupid –

Ruby: No, no, I was asking if you were serious. ‘Out to lunch’ is like ‘Not Playing With A Full Deck’ or ‘The Light Is On, But Nobody’s Home’ or ‘The Wheel Is Spinning But The Hamster Is Dead.’

Ginger: The poor hamster…

Ruby: GINGER! Focus.

Ginger: Well, that still doesn’t answer the question…

Ruby: What do you say when someone…um…oh! What do you say about someone when they put antifreeze in the windshield wiper fluid accidentally?

Ginger: The person’s a freaking idiot.

Ruby: No, but, like, in slang.

Ginger: The guy’s smoking some serious crack?

Ruby: Right, well, Out to Lunch is a less controversial way of saying that.

Ginger: Oh.

Ruby: I can’t believe you didn’t know that.

Ginger: I lead a sheltered life.

Ruby: …right…

Ginger: Don’t give me that look. Let’s go.

Ruby: What was the inside joke?

Ginger: There isn’t one, I just wanted to see how long you’d try to explain it to me.

Ruby: There are some days I’m glad I drive you…that way I can push you out of a moving vehicle all in good fun whenever I feel like it.

Ginger: Hey, Fly’s in town, right?

Ruby: Yup. The conference on new advances in medicine or something like that.

Ginger: Let’s go pick him up and take him with us!

Ruby: Can’t.

Ginger: Why?

Ruby: I already checked.

Ginger: And?

Ruby: Fly’s out to lunch.

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