Surprise! It’s Niagara Falls…

Ginger: I can’t believe you let me talk you into this…

Ruby: What? Driving up to Niagara to surprise Fly at the lecture series he’s attending? Why wouldn’t I want to do that?

Ginger: Because we’re in Canada. It’s almost like I kidnapped you to another country.

Ruby: We can still see the U.S. It’s right over there.

Ginger: Still. I made you go somewhere that required a passport.

Ruby: Where I get to see my boyfriend for the first time in months.

Ginger: Oh…yeah. Hey, do you think Fly will go to another foreign country so I can convince you to go there with me?

Ruby: You’ll have to ask him. (knocks on hotel door)

Fly: Yes? Ruby! What are you doing here?

Ruby: Are you happy to see me?

Fly: Of course! This is great! I can’t believe you showed up on my one free night!

Ruby: You only have one free night? I’m…sorry…?

Fly: Why? I get to see you – this is great! Hi, Ginger, come on in, you two!

Ruby: It was her idea.

Ginger: Hiya, Fly!

Fly: Where are you two staying?

Ginger: Just down the hall. My cyber-stalking finally came in handy.

Ruby: Don’t ask.

Fly: I try not to…except…

Ginger: Ruby, help me with this…

Ruby: What is that?

Ginger: What does it look like?

Fly: The last shred of someone’s sanity.

Ruby: It looks like a barrel.

Ginger: That’s because it is a barrel.

Ruby: Where are the monkeys?

Ginger: It’s not a barrel of monkeys, Ruby. It’s a Barrel of Fun.

Fly: So, I was right. It is the last shred of someone’s sanity.

Ruby: Ginger, why do you have a barrel?

Ginger: We are at Niagara Falls, aren’t we?

Fly: I was so right! …I hate being this right…

Ruby: We are not riding a barrel over the Falls, Ginger.

Ginger: Of course we’re not. That’s silly…

Ruby: Then why do you have a barrel?

Fly: How did you not see she had a barrel this whole time?

Ginger: I mean, the three of us could never fit inside one barrel…even two of us wouldn’t fit…

Ruby: Ginger – NO.

Fly: Hang on…Ginger, what is your exact plan for the barrel?

Ginger: Well…um…see…

Ruby: Use your words…

Ginger: I will…when I have them…in order…

Fly: Do you know what happens to people who get in barrels at Niagara Falls?

Ginger: They…have a barrel…of…fun?

Fly: Doing what, exactly?

Ginger: Well. They get in. In the barrel. And. Um. Is there more? I got distracted reading the pamphlets.

Ruby: Seriously? You read a pamphlet?

Ginger: More like…skimmed…one… It had a rainbow on it!

Fly: Ginger, if we let you get into your…Barrel of Fun…can Ruby and I go to dinner? You’ll be content, just sitting here…in your Barrel of Fun? At the hotel? By yourself?

Ginger: I wouldn’t be by myself, Fly. I’d have the Barrel of Fun!

Ruby: Leave the TV remote nearby. You don’t want to know if she figures out how to roll the Barrel of Fun around or not.

Fly: If I don’t leave the remote nearby, won’t she just fall asleep?

Ruby: You really want to take that chance?

Fly: Good point. Ginger, I’m going to—never mind.

Ruby: How does she fall asleep that fast?

Fly: And inside a barrel?

Ruby: According to her mother, she used to fall asleep underneath the bed. I’m not really surprised by the barrel.

Fly: Underneath the bed?

Ruby: She didn’t want the monsters to get lonely.

Fly: Hm. So…dinner?

Ruby: Dinner.

Fly: I like surprises like this.

Ruby: Me, too. I’m glad she talked me into this.

Fly: Me, too.

Ruby: I don’t even mind the barrel right now.

Fly: Right?

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