Ginger: Ruby? You home?

Ruby: Pantalon?

Ginger: What about pants?

Ruby: Ah! Bonjourd!

Ginger: Um. What about pants in a funny voice?

Ruby: Rumpiolio!

Ginger: Okay, I think maybe someone had a stroke. And it could easily be me, since I think I’m making sense and you seem to be okay with–wait, are you still playing Spore?

Ruby: Ah, dash furgoshenta mapoli!

Ginger: How long have you been playing Spore today?

Ruby: Deyshda?

Ginger: Okay, I’m going to rephrase. How long have you been playing Spore this week?

Ruby: Rumpiolio!

Ginger: It’s worse than I thought. Where’s Fly?

Ruby: Kehkish morfitsu. Denka mortis offken mosse!

Ginger: Yeah, I really don’t know why I’m asking you questions. Okay, I’m going to call Fly’s cell phone.

Ruby: Pantalon!

Ginger: I don’t know why I’m talking to you like you’re a deaf idiot, either. I’m sorry.

Ruby: Seygra mipuskalo tantanta noforkay.

Ginger: Um. Sure. Fly?

Fly: Hello, Ginger…why are you calling from Ruby’s phone?

Ginger: I can never remember how you’re in my phone, so I just borrowed Ruby’s.

Fly: Okay. Makes sense. Why don’t you just put me in as “Fly”?

Ginger: Because then the little green men who steal my phone at night at move it to the floor in their attempts to gain earth knowledge would know how to reach you.

Ruby: Deshka miz forti?

Ginger: I don’t have to explain myself to you – oh, good gravy, she’s starting to make sense. Fly, how long has Ruby been playing Spore?

Fly: Why are you asking me? You live across the street from her.

Ginger: I’ve been busy. With other things. Don’t you talk to her every day or something?

Fly: Um. I’ve been on call for two days…and, I think she was playing when I last talked to her…

Ginger: So, two days?

Fly: No, she was…still…playing when we talked. More like three.

Ginger: Well, did you feed her and move her to sunlight like the tag says to?

Fly: I insisted she eat something. But she kept going on about Rumplestiltskin or something.

Ginger: Rumpiolio?

Ruby: Rumpiolio!

Fly: Yeah…that’s it.

Ginger: You heard her through the phone?

Fly: Kinda hard not to.

Ginger: Okay, well, I’m gonna unplug her computer and I’ll text you with the location of the plug later.

Fly: Why?

Ruby: Deshka na mifortusta! Bragwah ni kitodustu!

Ginger: You heard that, right?

Fly: Yeah. I look forward to your text.

Ginger: Till then.

Fly: Bye.

Ginger: Okay, look, it’s not you, Ruby, it’s…let me see if I can put it to you in a way you’ll understand… Oh! Porka noh kedishki cava lo tum.

Ruby: {…what? You…you understand me?}*
Ginger: {A year of unemployment and Sims Deluxe. If anyone can understand you, it’s me. And my fake families in Green-Houses-ville.}

Ruby: {But, if you speak my language, why must you take away my galaxies?}

Ginger: {Because I also know how hard it can be to re-learn English. Why else do you think I’m such a grammar freak?}

Ruby: {Can I at least say good-bye?}

Ginger: {It’s not forever. Just for a week. Or so.}

Ruby: {It feels like forever!}

Ginger: {I think I can distract you…}

Ruby: {How?}

Ginger: Did you know Alyson Hannigan was on “Veronica Mars?” I brought the episodes she’s in. You are going to be SO amazed by her. She’s not sweet, gentle Lilly in this show…

Ruby: Rumpiolio?

Ginger: Yes, Ruby. Rumpiolio. Rumpiolio…akaneshti.

* = translated into English for ease of…well, everyone who’s never played Spore or Sims to this point.


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