Café Martin

 (phone rings)

Restaurant Hostess: Hello, Café Martin, this is Emma.

Ginger:    Hello, Emma, I need to make reservations for an office party in a private room.

Emma:    Certainly. How many will be attending?

Ginger:    About 20.

Emma:    Yes, that will work in our Lautrec Room. What date did you have in mind?

Ginger:    Next Friday.

Emma:    Okay, let me just check the books…oh…did you have another date in mind?

Ginger:    Thursday could work.

Emma:    Hmm…any other date?

Ginger:    The following Monday, perhaps?

Emma:    Perhaps not…

Ginger:    What date do you have open?

Emma:    The 15th.

Ginger:    Of this month?

Emma:    No, of July.

Ginger:    July 15th is your first available date.

Emma:    Yes, will that work for your party?

Ginger:    That’s three months away.

Emma:    I understand that.

Ginger:    Do you have another room available within this month?

Emma:    None that would accommodate your party. Should I pencil you in?

Ginger:    I’ll have to call you back.

Emma:    I should be here all day.

Ginger:    Thanks.

(Click. Ginger sighs; dials number)

Thomas:  Thomas Burkett.

Ginger:    Tom, Café Martin is booked solid until July 15th, is there any other restaurant you would like me to call for the party?

Thomas: July 15th? Really?

Ginger:    Yes. It must be a happening place.

Thomas: No, no, go ahead and schedule the 15th.

Ginger:    …excuse me?

Thomas: Schedule the 15th for the party.

Ginger:    It’s a birthday party for Chloe.

Thomas: So it’ll be a little late.

Ginger:    Four months late. You don’t think she’ll notice?

Thomas: We’ll make it a surprise party.

Ginger:    And what will we do next Friday?

Thomas: Nothing. It’ll make it a real surprise then.

Ginger:    Huh. And you want me to spread the word around the office to completely ignore the senior vice president’s 50th birthday?

Thomas: No, we’re having the party on July 15th.

Ginger:    Right. Okay. What if I get a card and get everyone to sign it? That way, Chloe doesn’t think we completely forgot her.

Thomas: But we’re having a party.

Ginger:    Four months late.

Thomas: She’ll be surprised.

Ginger:    I would be.

Thomas: Call Café Martin and schedule the party.

Ginger:    Yeah. Okay.

(hangs up; dials)

Emma:    Hello, Café Martin, this is Emma.

Ginger:    Emma, Ginger here. We’ll take the July 15th slot you have open.

Emma:    Very well. And how many people was that again?

Ginger:    About 20.

Emma:    Yes, that will be perfect for the Lautrec room.

Ginger:    So I hear.

Emma:    And what time would you like it to start?

Ginger:    Noon.

Emma:    Noon, right. And do you have an end time for your party?

Ginger:    We’re assuming 4ish.

Emma:    Wonderful. You’re scheduled in for Sunday, July 15th from noon to four pm. I’m assuming it’s a late lunch?

Ginger:    Yes, it’s lunch…wait…did you just say Sunday?

Emma:    Yes.

Ginger:    July 15th, the first available date you have for this office party, is a Sunday?

Emma:    Yes.

Ginger:    I’ll call you back.

Emma:    I should be here.

(hangs up; dials)

Ginger:    Tom, July 15th is a Sunday.

Thomas: Oh, is it?

Ginger:    Yes.

Thomas: Oh…

Ginger:    I can still cancel this and find another restaurant.

Thomas: No, it’ll just be more of a surprise.

Ginger:    No, it won’t. It’ll take time away from Chloe’s weekends, which are priceless commodities for her. I can’t guarantee that anyone from the office will even show up on a Sunday!

Thomas: Just schedule Café Martin.

Ginger:    Fine.

(hangs up; dials)

Emma:    Hello, Café Martin, this is Emma.

Ginger:    Emma, Ginger. Finalize the party on July 15th in the Lautrec room.

Emma:    And the name of the party?

Ginger:    Surprise.

Emma:    I’m sorry?

Ginger:    So am I. The name of the party is Surprise. Capital ‘S,’ u-r-p-r-i-s-e. Surprise.

Emma:    Okay, thank you. I have you confirmed here. Is there anything else you need?

Ginger:    Not that you can provide.

Emma:    Then have a nice day.

Ginger:    You, too.

(Ginger hangs up and looks up to see Chloe is on her way over.)

Chloe:     Ginger, hi, how are you?

Ginger:    Fine, you?

Chloe:     I’m wonderful. I just booked my vacation: two solid weeks of the South of France!

Ginger:    I’m jealous. When does the vacation begin?

Chloe:     I leave on July 13th!


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