Freaking Friday…

Ruby: Ginger?! Are you in here? Ginger?

Ginger: Ruby, calm down, I’m right here. What’s–what’s wrong?

Ruby: Ginger, today has just been a nightmare!

Ginger: Well, calm down, have a seat…I’ll make some tea. Tell me what happened.

Ruby: Well, to start, there was something wrong with the lights in the office, so everyone wore sunglasses because the glare was impossible to deal with…

Ginger: Okay, that’s weird.

Ruby: I know! And I just couldn’t concentrate. Every time Lee mentioned something off-hand, I had mental images of pieces of what he was describing…and I couldn’t turn them off!

Ginger: Isn’t that a pain? Go on…

Ruby: So, then, I was chugging coffee for some reason and then I got this phone call…

Ginger: Don’t you normally get phone calls?

Ruby: Yes, but not from…I mean, Ginger, you know me. I don’t get aggressive on the phone.

Ginger: Well, I’ve never known you to get aggressive on the phone…you leave that to me.

Ruby: Exactly! Well, this person was just…an IDIOT! I couldn’t seem to get through his head that I wasn’t the person he needed to speak to. He kept demanding I explain the meaning behind the fine print in his contract to him and that he wasn’t going to play around anymore.

Ginger: Did you ask how he got your number?

Ruby: It was the weirdest thing…he said he dialed the numbers, then got sick after his third voicemail message and started punching random numbers…

Ginger: Really?

Ruby: Would I make something like that up?

Ginger: Sorry, Ruby, I didn’t mean–

Ruby: See?! This is what I’m talking about! All day, I’ve not been myself! I’ve been overly sarcastic, easily distracted–I met up with Fly at lunch–

Ginger: Fly’s in town?

Ruby: Yes, isn’t that nice? We had bologna sandwiches and mine had cheese, but no mustard and I asked him why my sandwich didn’t have any mustard and he said—

Ginger: Ruby…

Ruby: What?

Ginger: This is going to sound weird coming from me, but Focus!

Ruby: Sorry. But that guy on the phone was just obnoxious! I ended up telling him that I didn’t care if the fine print told him he was going to die in the next three weeks, I was still the wrong person to talk to about it. He hung up mumbling something about how at least I didn’t tell him to get a dog. And I no sooner finished with that phone call, when I noticed I had a voicemail from someone who was trying to schedule a meeting, but she obviously got the wrong voicemail box, and when I was listening to her message, it was apparent she had less of an attention span than me today! She just kept repeating the same five names over and over, in different orders each time!

Ginger: Wow, Ruby, honey, take a breath…

Ruby: I mean, it was just awful! And all I want to do is…complain about useless, trifling matters that complaining does nothing to change matters, but I just want to complain! And…I don’t know what’s wrong with me!

Ginger: It’s okay, I’m sure that this, too, will pass… I mean, I didn’t have such a bad day. I got so much done today and no one bothered me and I was even able to help someone use a new program. And Chloe and I had the most bizarre conversation about Dudley Do-Right andSesame Street and–

Ruby: Oh my goodness…

Ginger: What?

Ruby: Is it Friday the 13th?

Ginger: Um…oh, yeah, I guess it is.

Ruby: You don’t suppose…maybe…

Ginger: What?

Ruby: The movie came true?

Ginger: What movie?

Ruby: “Freaky Friday”…Friday the 13th!

Ginger: Ruby, honey, we’re nowhere near a summer camp on a lake.

Ruby: What? No, Ginger, “Freaky Friday” is the movie where Jaime Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan swap bodies for a day…

Ginger: Or Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, depending on which version you watch.

Ruby: Um…yeah…for some reason I knew that…anyway, didn’t it happen on a Friday the 13th?

Ginger: Ruby, I hate to be the voice of reason here, but that’s a movie. It doesn’t make it a real possibility.

Ruby: Ginger, think about it! You are the voice of reason!

Ginger: Ruby, sometimes, people just have bad days. You can have a day that makes you understand where I’m coming from on occasion without it necessarily meaning we’ve swapped bodies.

Ruby: You are just not open to suggestions.

Ginger: You have got to be kidding me.



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