He Snapped My Algebra Strap!

Ginger: Ruby? Are you here?

Ruby: Yeah, I’m over here. I’m just finishing up this email to Fly.

Ginger: Aww, that’s adorable. Tell him I said hi.

Ruby: It’s a question about swine flu. I doubt inserting a random “Ginger says hi” would make my question sound legit.

Ginger: It is not a question about swine flu – I can read the email from here. Just after you wrote “and then the laundry turned pink and she didn’t know what to do with pink socks,” add in “and she’s standing behind me now, and insists I tell you she says hi.”

Ruby: It could have been about swine flu.

Ginger: That was so long ago, no one even remembers why we were so worried.

Ruby: Actually, a lot of people remember.

Ginger: I’m not one of them.

Ruby: And…why did you drop by?

Ginger: Here. I got you a game.

Ruby: A game? What kind of a game?

Ginger: I found it in the paper this morning. It’s like a word search, only, it has numbers.

Ruby: A numerical word search?

Ginger: A mathematical word search. You have to solve math problems to find out what you’re searching for.

Ruby: Oooh! Wait a minute…you’re not going to use this against me the next time you feel like teasing me, are you?

Ginger: What do you mean? Instead of calling you Math Geek, I’d call you Number Nerd?

Ruby: Yeah, like that.

Ginger: No. I won’t call you Number Nerd just because you got excited over this game.

Ruby: What will you call me?

Ginger: I was trying to come up with something that rhymes with ‘Calculus.’

Ruby: Good luck.

Ginger: No, that doesn’t rhyme, either. How about ‘Calculus Dork-ulus?’

Ruby: Doesn’t exactly flow…

Ginger: True. I’ll work on it.

Ruby: You do that. Oh!

Ginger: Oh?

Ruby: Um, nothing.

Ginger: You just finished it, didn’t you?

Ruby: Maybe.

Ginger: Good, let’s go.

Ruby: Go? Where?

Ginger: Whoever solved that puzzle first won a $50 gift certificate to the coffee shop down the street.

Ruby: What coffee shop?

Ginger: It just opened up. It’s called ‘Apple, Pi & Coffee.’

Ruby: I’ve never even seen it and I’m drawn to it.

Ginger: Like Pythagoras to triangles…


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