To The Movies, Robin!

Ginger: Now, look! We missed the previews!

Ruby: Not all of them…oh, no, that’s a commercial…

Ginger: Now I’ll never know what movies I want to miss this fall!

Ruby: I doubt this will be your only opportunity to judge the quality of a movie by its advertisements.

Ginger: Yes. Thank goodness there’s an internet.

Ruby: Oh, look, you didn’t miss all the previews!

Ginger: Oh, goodie–rats.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: I spilled my drink…

Ruby: Was it the drink or condensation?

Ginger: Hmm…I’m not sure. And I’m not licking my knee just to find out.

Ruby: That would attract some stares.

Ginger: And my shades aren’t dark enough to hide me from them.

Ruby: Yeah, about that…

Ginger: Yes?

Ruby: Are you going to…y’know…remove the sunglasses to watch the movie?

Ginger: I hope you can see the confusion on my face.

Ruby: Yeah. Never mind.

Ginger: This preview is really long.

Ruby: I think we’ve passed the preview part and gone into the “please turn off all cell phones” suggestion.

Ginger: This is a suggestion?

Ruby: Remember who they’re pandering to.

Ginger: Oh! That reminds me! (turns off cell phone)

Ruby: If I said “sigh” would it be obnoxious enough for you?

Ginger: I still say it’s not a suggestion.

Ruby: Well, what is it then? A not-so-friendly reminder?

Ginger: A command.

Ruby: But a well-placed command.

Ginger: How so?

Ruby: It got you to turn your cell off.

Ginger: I’m just susceptible to preview-like commands.

Ruby: I see…

Ginger: And, no, starting to talk like a movie announcer is not going to get me to be nicer. Or to eat my veggies.

Ruby: Shh! The movie’s starting!

(opening credits begin fading in and out…)

Ginger: Did you see he’s in another movie with that actress?

Ruby: How clear and distinct you are.

Ginger: Never mind. I’ll tell you after the movie.

Ruby: Thank you. I’d appreciate not getting kicked out of this movie.

Ginger: Again.

Ruby: I thought you hadn’t seen this?

Ginger: Not completely…

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: Shh! The movie’s starting!



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