May the Fourth…

Ruby: I have a very bad feeling about this.

Ginger: Will you relax? You’re far too worked up over this.

Ruby: You are far too calm.

Ginger: Look, it’s not that bad. Just, y’know, fly casual.

Ruby: Fly casual? Really? That’s your advice?

Ginger: Would you prefer it if I said “Trust your feelings”?

Ruby: No. Because I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.

Ginger: Oh yeah. Hmm. The Force is strong in this one…

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: It’s not that big a deal, Ruby. Honestly.

Ruby: You called my manager and told him I have a serious case of “wamp rat bites” and that I have to take the day off!

Ginger: It’s Star Wars Day. You have to spend today watching the Star Wars trilogy with me.

Ruby: Stop waving your hand when you say that. You’re not a Jedi.

Ginger: I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Ruby: More proof you’re not a Jedi. Um. Ginger?

Ginger: Yes?

Ruby: Why is the milk…blue?

Ginger: Don’t you remember the scene where Luke is having dinner with Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen? Their milk is blue.

Ruby: Okay, first of all, I don’t think that was milk. And second, I wasn’t asking for a point of reference. I was asking why my milk is blue.

Ginger: It’s not toxic. I promise.

Ruby: Ginger…I didn’t say anything when you showed up here at 5 A.M. wearing a Stormtrooper helmet and announcing that you’re here to rescue me…

Ginger: Which was slightly disappointing. You should have asked “Aren’t you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?” but you didn’t. I wasn’t sure the plan was going to work at that moment.

Ruby: And I didn’t say anything when you took the phone away from me when I did finally succumb to your demands and called Lee to ask if I could take today off…

Ginger: It was a boring conversation anyway.

Ruby: But I’m drawing the line at blue milk.

Ginger: Fine. Come on, though, let’s watch the movies now!

Ruby: All right, fine. But this time, you cannot insist you see Mal Reynolds in the Mos Eisley cantina.

Ginger: …fine.

Ruby: And you can’t tell me that Jubal Early is “just behind that guy” in the line-up of bounty hunters when we watch The Empire Strikes Back.

Ginger: …okay. Fine.

Ruby: And you cannot, under any circumstances, whisper “Miranda” just before any of the fights – space fights or otherwise.

Ginger: But, Ruby!

Ruby: No. I will get dressed for the office and go right into work at the merest hint of these actions.

Ginger: Fine. Any other crazy and unorthodox demands?

Ruby: No, I think that covers it. You can start the movie now.

Ginger: Press play now, I shall.


Ginger: To say that forgot you did, hmm? Too late now, it is.

Ruby: I’m calling Lee and telling him that not only are my “wamp rat bites” miraculously healed, but also those mynocks you said were infecting the building’s garage are suddenly leaving.

Ginger: Ruby, that’s not fair! You only said I couldn’t make Firefly references!

Ruby: What can I say, Ginger? The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.

Ginger: Fine. I won’t talk like Yoda.

Ruby: Good girl. Now, please press play and pass me some of that popcorn.

Ginger: Many Bothans died to bring us this…

Ruby: Don’t get cocky.

Ginger: It could be worse.

Ruby: Stay on target. You want to watch these movies with me, right?

Ginger: Well, I was going to go into Tosche Station to pick up some new Power Converters, but…

Ruby: It’s a wonder you’re still alive.

Ginger: I have the death sentence on twelve systems…

Ruby: Don’t make me destroy you.

Ginger: So be it. Jedi.

Ruby: This is your last warning…

Ginger: It’s a trap!!!!

Ruby: Hey, Ginger?

Ginger: Yeah?

Ruby: May the Fourth be with you.

Ginger: May the Fourth be with you, too, Ruby. Always.

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