Well. Ask.

Ruby: People suck.

Ginger: What? You got cut off on the highway again?

Ruby: Well, almost. This guy came right up behind me, tailgated when I had no chance of getting over, and then proceeded to flash his headlights and turn signal. I thought he was a cop! But when I pulled over onto the curb he just flew past and started doing that to the next car.

Ginger: Wow. That is bad.

Ruby: I know! But that’s not the topic of this particular rant.

Ginger: Okay.

Ruby: Well, ask.

Ginger: Right. Ruby, why do people suck?

Ruby: They want me to do their jobs for them!

Ginger: Their entire jobs?

Ruby: Okay, not everything. But this lady has the task of redesigning a process and was told to ask for my thoughts. After I explained to her how it should work, she asked me to write the documentation.

Ginger: So, she was told to design something, you designed it, and then she asked you to write the documentation too!

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: That’s not fair.

Ruby: No! But there’s more.

Ginger: More?

Ruby: Yes, more.

Ginger: Wow.

Ruby: Are you goi—

Ginger: What else did she do?

Ruby: Then she asked me to comment on what she did write.

Ginger: That’s fair.

Ruby: Yes, that’s not the issue.

Ginger: So, what’s the issue?

Ruby: When I gave her my comments, she didn’t understand them.

Ginger: She’s asked you to clarify?

Ruby: No, she just said she didn’t understand so I had to explain it all from the beginning. Again.

Ginger: I don’t follow.

Ruby: Ginger!!

Ginger: Sorry, too easy.

Ruby: After I explained it all again, I realized what was really wrong.

Ginger: That’s a relief.

Ruby: Not really.

Ginger: But you figured it out?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: I don’t want to play this game anymore.

Ruby: Please?

Ginger: Fine. What did you figure out?

Ruby: That she doesn’t even understand who the process is for!

Ginger: Meaning…?

Ruby: I shouldn’t do other people’s work for them.

Ginger: I coulda told you that.

Ruby: But you didn’t.

Ginger: That’s because I don’t do your work for you.

Ruby: Somehow, I feel like I’m supposed to thank you.

Ginger: You are.

Ruby: But that means more work and trouble for me.

Ginger: True.

Ruby: People suck.

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