It Doesn’t Happen Often…

Ginger: Hey, Rubes. What are you watching?

Ruby: Ten Inch Hero. It was on TV.

Ginger: No, it wasn’t.

Ruby: It was playing on my TV.

Ginger: Through NetFlix.

Ruby: This…is true…

Ginger: You missed the tampon-buying scene that much?

Ruby: No, it was available through NetFlix and I remembered that it was cute.

Ginger: Uh-huh.

Ruby: I have time to waste – I knew you were on your way over.

Ginger: Yeah. No, I get it.

Ruby: It was a cute movie! I liked it! Of all the movies you’ve forced me to watch, I actually liked this one!

Ginger: I understand.

Ruby: Look, I knew you were coming over – I just had to waste time until you got here. I remembered liking the movie – it’s cute and charming and sweet…

Ginger: Whatever you say.

Ruby: I can turn it off now. You’re here. See? It’s off now.

Ginger: I see that.

Ruby: …wait. Why am I defending watching this movie to YOU?!

Ginger: I honestly have no idea.

Ruby: You own the DVD!

Ginger: I do.

Ruby: It’s autographed!

Ginger: It is. And I got a hug from Sean Patrick Flanery once he finished signing it.

Ruby: You’re planning on taking it to other conventions to get more signatures on it!

Ginger: I am.

Ruby: Why were you just letting me go on and on?

Ginger: It was funny.

Ruby: My last defense is…um…I don’t drink caffeine?

Ginger: You can’t use that for everything.

Ruby: I know.

Ginger: So. I’m here. What do you want to do now?

Ruby: …we could finish watching the movie.

Ginger: Did I miss the tampon scene?

Ruby: We can go back. It’s worth it.

Ginger: Goodie!


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