News Piled Up.

Ruby: Okay, it’s been going on long enough. I want it official. Make the announcement.

Ginger: What announcement?

Ruby: Ginger, we’ve known each other far too long for you to think I wouldn’t notice. Make the announcement.

Ginger: Seriously, what announcement?

Ruby: I’m not kidding. Spill.

Ginger: I got a new job?

Ruby: That’s not–wait, what?

Ginger: Oh, that’s not what you were talking about?

Ruby: When? What? I was…WHAT?!

Ginger: Well, about a month ago, I was approached to join a different department and so, now, I’m no longer an office lackey. I’m a Technical Entry Processor/GK, Level 1.

Ruby: What does the GK mean?

Ginger: GateKeeper. I shortened it ’cause I kept visualizing Sigourney Weaver in a red dress opening the door to Bill Murray. I couldn’t take it.

Ruby: Well, that’s understandable. But, what does the full title mean?

Ginger: I think it means I’m a data entryist with a fancy title.

Ruby: I see.

Ginger: You didn’t notice?

Ruby: Notice what?

Ginger: I was flying all over the country, getting trained by the different experts in all the programs I’ve started using. You didn’t notice?

Ruby: Ginger, you answered your cell. You didn’t say ‘Oh, by the way, I’m in…’ wherever.

Ginger: Oh. Well…okay. What were you talking about?

Ruby: Well, I didn’t mean spill about your new job that I didn’t know about. I meant about that other thing!

Ginger: You mean the new apartment and roommate?

Ruby: No, I meant…wait, come again?

Ginger: You didn’t notice the new apartment and roommate?

Ruby: I noticed it took longer to get to your place…and the studio had more rooms…

Ginger: Are you serious?

Ruby: No, I did notice the new place. I helped you move. But…Elle’s your roommate?

Ginger: Yeah. You didn’t know?

Ruby: I just thought she hung around a lot…

Ginger: And cooked dinner for fun?

Ruby: How did I get to be the oblivious one?

Ginger: I don’t know. You started this, though…

Ruby: But I didn’t mean…

Ginger: I moved into the new place with Elle about a week or so before I started the new job. And, I guess it was right after Ben and I finally ended the romantic part of our friendship.

Ruby: I know when you moved into…wait, you and Ben aren’t seeing each other anymore?

Ginger: Only as friends. Which, as far as I’m concerned, means I’ll only write to him from now on.

Ruby: Well, being institutionalized until he finishes therapy would probably help that…

Ginger: Yeah. And I don’t think I could ever truly compare to his first love: flames.

Ruby: I understand.

Ginger: Really?

Ruby: No…I don’t think anyone understood why you continually chased after a pyromaniac, but I’m trying to be supportive.

Ginger: I can accept that. Elle said pretty much the same thing.

Ruby: She’s really your roommate?

Ginger: Yeah.

Ruby: Huh…

Ginger: What was the thing you were trying to get me to spill about?

Ruby: Well, after all those announcements, I guess this one is kind of small in comparison.

Ginger: What is it? The new guy I’m getting to know?

Ruby: No, it’s not…what?

Ginger: Um. Nothing.

Ruby: No, really. What?

Ginger: No, what were you gonna say?

Ruby: Ginger…go ahead. I’m just learning all about you today.

Ginger: It’s really nothing. We’ve just emailed twice or something. End of story. Your turn. Go.

Ruby: Ya sure?

Ginger: Oh yeah.

Ruby: Only if you’re sure.

Ginger: Definitely sure. You go.

Ruby: You changed purses.

Ginger: I changed…oh, yeah.

Ruby: I noticed you changed purses. It doesn’t have a strap. I noticed. You’ve been carrying the new one around for about three weeks now.

Ginger: Um. Yes.

Ruby: What happened to the old one?

Ginger: I got bored with it.

Ruby: Okay. Glad we got that out of the way.

Ginger: Yeah. Me, too.

Ruby: Anything else new in your life?

Ginger: Um…no. No, actually, I think we’re all caught up.

Ruby: New job, new place, new roommate, new purse, new start of a new relationship with a new boy—


Ruby: Right. Nothing else?

Ginger: Uh…nope. That’s it.

Ruby: Good. Well then.

Ginger: Anything new in your life?

Ruby: I’m considering pushing you from a moving vehicle today.

Ginger: I’m so locking my door today.

Ruby: That would be a good plan.


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