Talk Some Sense Into Her

(knocking at the door, Elle opens it and Ruby steps in)

Elle: Will you talk some sense into her?

Ruby: How?

Elle: Good point.

Ginger: I heard that!

Ruby: So, what is it this time?

Ginger: I’m being unreasonable and I don’t care.

Ruby: Is this supposed to be a new problem?

Elle: She didn’t like the book.

Ginger: There are lots of books out there. I can afford to not like one or the other.

Ruby: She likes Guy deMaupassaunt. What can I tell you?

Ginger: But he writes so well!

Elle: The Necklace wasn’t bad, but, honestly, Ginger, most of his stories don’t have proper endings!

Ginger: But his imagery! And, besides, he was French, you have to make some exceptions for that.

Ruby: So why didn’t you like the book?

Elle: Oh, you’ll love this…

Ginger: I just didn’t care about the characters. Any of them.

Elle: I told her it’s cause she saw the movies first and it ruined the possibility of her sinking into the book.

Ruby: I told her no one liked the first book.

Ginger: I just didn’t care.

Elle: I told her she doesn’t have to continue on with the series, but that I didn’t really care for the first book in any of the series she loves so much.

Ruby: I told her it’s just for fun, she doesn’t have to become a completely psychotic fanatic about it or anything.

Ginger: And I told you both I would read the next book, but I just don’t care at this point.

Elle: If she doesn’t care, she shouldn’t continue.

Ruby: But maybe she should…just not curse us out while she reads it.

Ginger: I never cursed either of you out while reading the first one!

Elle: Ginger, hon, I live with you. I can read the signs behind the random glares you send whenever you picked up the book.

Ginger: Well they weren’t intentional.

Ruby: Yeah…I’ll believe that when you remove your sunglasses.

Ginger: You’ve lost me.

Elle: Maybe she should just start with the fourth book. She hasn’t seen that movie yet.

Ruby: That’s not a bad idea. Oh! Did you like the challenge I told you is my favorite?

Ginger: I know why it’s your favorite…

Ruby: Well, yeah, but…

Ginger: Look, I don’t see why this is even such a big deal. We all like at least 2 other series and I’ve introduced both of you to a series you don’t have to read in order…and I’m not pushing the French guy on either of you.

Elle: She’s not even giving it a chance!

Ruby: I know, but it’s kinda her way…

Elle: What do you mean?

Ginger: Why are you two still talking about me like I’m not in the room?

Elle: Ignore her. Go on.

Ruby: Well, she avoided reading the trilogy by Tolkien until she had a 26-hour flight looming ahead of her. She saw “The Hitchhiker’s Guide…” movies and she still hasn’t bothered to pick up a copy of the book… Any time people try to suggest a book they know she’ll like, she avoids it at all cost until she feels like picking it up. And sometimes, she decides she doesn’t like it just based on the fact that she has other books she wants to read.

Elle: Oh, like the new Pratchett and, what was that other one…

Ginger: Garwood.

Ruby: Right. Exactly like that.

Elle: That makes so much sense.

Ruby: I know. Which is odd, since she hardly ever makes sense.

Ginger: Hullo? I’m still right here.

Elle: You know, we probably should have sent her for ice cream while discussing this.

Ruby: Yeah, but this was way more fun.

Ginger: See if I get ice cream for either of you two again…

Elle: There’s chocolate fudge ripple with fudge chunks in the freezer…

Ginger: With a tap-dancing penguin on the box??

Elle: I even took a marker and made him blue. Just for you.

Ruby: That sounds like just the thing…

Ginger: Um…I’m gonna…um…gogeticecream!!! (leaves the room in a hurry)

Ruby: You know, it’s too easy some days…

Elle: I know. It almost makes you feel guilty…

Ginger: I heard that!!!

Elle: Yeah, so how do we bribe her to read and not blame us?

Ruby: Your idea of jumping into Book 4 sounds like a plan.

Elle: We’re going to have to wait till she finishes the Garwood.

Ruby: At the speed she blows through Pratchett and Garwood? Yeah, have the fourth book ready for her next Monday.

Elle: Ya think?

Ruby: Doesn’t she have a free weekend ahead of her?

Elle: Oh, yeah…

Ginger: Hey! I CAN HEAR YOU!!!

Ruby: Are you arguing with us on how fast you read those authors?

Ginger: …no…

Elle: I told you. She needs some sense talked into her.

Ruby: And I repeat: How?

Elle: Yeah…

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