The Claw – it Moves!

Ruby: How am I supposed to explain this?

Ginger: With words?

Ruby: Funny.

Ginger: I try.

Ruby: ‘What did you do on your day off, Ruby?’ ‘Oh, not too much, just played board games with some friends, had some Irish Coffee, talked to Fly and, what was that other thing? Oh, yeah, CLEANED OUT A CLAW MACHINE with Ginger.’

Ginger: We didn’t clean it out. We left the ugly toys.

Ruby: Ginger, this elephant is ugly.

Ginger: Don’t speak so loud! You’ll hurt his feelings! He’s very sensitive about his eyes, you know.

Ruby: Ginger, he’s a stuffed animal.

Ginger: So is a Thanksgiving turkey, but people are always excited to see that. Unless they’re vegetarians or something.

Ruby: That’s not even close to the same thing.

Ginger: What do you expect? I took some cold medication today. Not medication slightly more chilly than room temperature, but why is it that room temperature is a variable? Shouldn’t we assign a “Room Temperature”?

Ruby: Again, Ginger, I’m telling you to go lie down and take a nap.

Ginger: Where shall I take it?

Ruby: All the way to Dreamland, at this rate.

Ginger: Is it far to Dreamland?

Ruby: Don’t worry, you won’t be driving there.

Ginger: The way my head is fuzzing, I don’t think I should be driving anywhere tonight. Maybe you should take over driving from now until the next blue moon.

Ruby: Um…sure. I won’t mention that you haven’t been driving at all today.

Ginger: I appreciate you not mentioning that to my face.

Ruby: Ginger?

Ginger: I know, I know, FOCUS.

Ruby: No, honey, go lie down. Before you hurt yourself.

Ginger: They should put warnings on the cold medications…

Ruby: They do.

Ginger: Oh. Well, then, bigger warnings.

Ruby: Ginger?

Ginger: …snore

Ruby: Okay. Now what do I do with the claw machine winnings?

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