The Fond Memory of “My Glass Eye”

A Visual Clue For You:

Elle comes home to find Ruby and Ginger sitting on the couch, talking and laughing while the television silently flashes images of commercials in the background.

Elle: Hi?

Ginger: Elle! Omigosh, you’veGOTtositdownandwatchthiswithus!

Elle: (to Ruby) Is she speaking English?

Ruby: Ofcourseshe’sspeakingEnglish, she’sright, you’veGOTtowatchthis, it’shilarious!

Elle: Who…gave…you…coffee?

Ginger: It’snotthecoffeethat’smakinguslaugh, it’stheMOVIE!

Elle: I’m only picking up a few words, please talk normally…


Ginger: Grabher, Ithinkshe’sgonnamakeabreakforit!

Elle: What?

Ruby: You’veGOTTAwatchGhostbusterswithus, it’stoogood!

Elle: Where am I and who moved my apartment into another reality??

Ginger: PoorElle, Ithinkshegotherejustintime!

Ruby: Quick! Un-mutetheTVit’sbackon!

(Ginger un-mutes the television as the familiar face of Dan Aykroyd peers around a hotel hallway with a cigarette dangling from his lips. The silence in the room is broken only by the stifled laughter of Ruby and Ginger as they anticipate the upcoming scene)

Ginger: (in sync with the movie) Venkman!

Elle: You’re watching Ghostbusters?

Ruby & Ginger: SHHHHH!

Elle: I can leave you to your fun…

Ginger: DidyouknowDanAykroydreferredtoSlimerastheghostofJohnBelushi?

Ruby: DidyouknowSlimerwasactuallynicknamedOnionheadbythecastandcrew?

Ginger: DoyourememberhowsilentthetheatrewaswhenBillMurraysaidTheLine?

Ruby: Doyourememberhowloudthecheerwasafterwards?

Ginger: Oh!

Ruby & Ginger: My Glass Eye!!!!

Elle: I think I’m going to leave you to your fun… (Ruby’s cell rings, she answers it)

Ruby: HiFly, guesswhatwe’rewatching!

Ginger: MY GLASS EYE!!!!!

Ruby: Howdidyouguess? (pause as she listens to his response) He’swatchingit, too!

Ginger: Shh! Hereitis!!!

(the whole room goes completely silent as…)


Television Bill Murray: He slimed me, Ray.


(Elle is forced to cover her ears as the cheers and laughter – even Fly’s voice from the other end of the phone – threaten to deafen her at an early age)

Elle: I’m going to leave you guys to watch your movie, now…

Ginger: Elle, don’tyouwannawatchitwithus?

Ruby: Yeah, it’ssomuchmorefunwithmorepeople.

Ginger: We’llletyousaysomeofthelines, too!

Ruby: AndwehissattheEPAguy…

Fly: (from the phone) AndcheeronLewisTully!

Ginger: It’llbesomuchfun!

Ruby: Joinus!

Elle: I think I’ll come back when you speak in regular speech patterns again…

Ginger: Butyou’llmisstheGatekeeper/Keymasterwordplay!

Ruby: AndthecomingofGozer!

Fly: (from the phone) AndtheSta-PuftMarshmallowMan!

Ruby, Ginger & Fly: It’sGHOSTBUSTERS!!!!

Elle: I’ll just go start dinner…(slowly backs out of the room, maintaining eye contact with at least one of the two women at all times until the door shuts behind her)

Ginger: Doyouthinkwescaredher?

Ruby: Iguesssomepeoplejustdon’tgetGhostbustersthewaywedo.

Fly: (from phone) Look!Egonjusttoldthemnottocrossthestreams!

Ginger: Thismovieispuregenius!

Ruby: Especiallyafterallthesugarwesuckeddown!

Ginger: MorePeeps, Ruby?

Ruby: Thankyou, Ginger…

Fly: Um…what’s my excuse?

Ruby: You’restillouttolunch.


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