Broken Or Bruised

Ginger: Ruby, I’m broken!

Ruby: Don’t you mean ‘broke?’

Ginger: No, I’m broken. With an ‘N’ at the end.

Ruby: Like, I need to get some glue and put you back together?

Ginger: So broken!

Ruby: You don’t look broken.

Ginger: Looks are often deceiving.

Ruby: True; you look like a sensible adult. I know better.

Ginger: See? I…should probably be offended at that, shouldn’t I?

Ruby: How are you broken?

Ginger: I tripped and fell and broke.

Ruby: Broke…….what?

Ginger: Um…blood vessels?

Ruby: So, you’re not actually “broken,” just “bruised.”

Ginger: It’s not the same thing?

Ruby: Really not.

Ginger: That explains why Elle said to stop whining and go to work anyway.

Ruby: Then why did you come here?

Ginger: Well…I feel broken.

Ruby: I feel like I deserve two minutes of my life back.

Ginger: I can give you a hug…will that suffice?

Ruby: I thought you were broken?

Ginger: It comes and goes.

Ruby: Yeah. I thought so.


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