Work Doesn’t Always Work

Ruby:  Hello, this is Ruby.

Developer Dave: Hi, Ruby. This is Dave.

Ruby:  Hi Dave, how’s it going?

Dave:   Well, I figured out that the code you emailed me about is wrong.

Ruby:  Did you figure it out before or after you read my email?

Dave:   Oh. Um. I didn’t read your email. But I got it.

Ruby:  Ah. Well, in the email I explained what’s wrong and what it needs to be.

Dave:   You…did?

Ruby:  Yes.

Dave:   I didn’t read it. But anyway, I was calling you to see if you had any input on why it’s off by 0.1?

Ruby:  It’s interesting that you should bring this up.

Dave:   Oh?

Ruby:  Yes. Because it’s the exact question that I emailed to you.

Dave:   Oh.

*          *          *

IT:       Hello, IT.

Ginger: Hello, I’m Ginger.

IT:       What can I do for you?

Ginger: There’s a problem with the printer.

IT:       Is it emitting black smoke again?

Ginger: What?! No!!

IT:       Oh. Um. Ignore that then. What’s the problem with it?

Ginger: Aside from the fact that you know it might give off black smoke?

IT:       I think it was a different printer. On a different floor.

Ginger: You haven’t asked me what floor I’m even on!

IT:       Uh. So. What floor are—

Ginger: Don’t. Just. Just don’t. Look, the printer isn’t connecting to the network.

IT:       Okay. Go to your Start menu…

Ginger: Are you going to walk me through the steps to install a printer?

IT:       Um…I might have…been…about to try that…

Ginger: The printer isn’t connecting to the network. What part of that sentence doesn’t sound like I’m reading the error message to you verbatim?

IT:       I…can call the printer guy.

Ginger: Please do exactly that.

*    *     *

Ruby: Hello, this is Ruby.

Ginger: WHY?!

Ruby: I don’t know.

Ginger: Fine. Dinner tonight?

Ruby: Sure.

Ginger: I’ll tell Elle to make extra.

Ruby: Sweet.

Ginger: Bye!

Ruby: Bye.


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