Ruby:   What are you doing?

Ginger: I’m logging into Twitter for you.

Ruby:   Okay…why?

Ginger: Because you haven’t tweeted in a while & I need a favor. If you hadn’t walked in just now, you never would have even noticed.

Ruby:   What are you doing on my Twitter page?

Ginger:  There. You are now following Taylor Kitsch on Twitter.

Ruby:   Why?!

Ginger:  Because, Ruby. #IWantDinnerWithTaylor.

Ruby:   Did you really just speak in hashtag?

Ginger:  It’s important to me.

Ruby:   How will it help you have dinner withTaylor if I’m the one following him?

Ginger:  He needs more followers. And there’s a contest.

Ruby:   A contest? Really?

Ginger: More of a sweepstakes, I guess…

Ruby:   A sweepstakes?

Ginger:  Maybe it’s a raffle?

Ruby:   GINGER.

Ginger: By following him, you’re helping get this contest on its way.

Ruby:   Ginger, no. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to win this contest on your own. No cheating.

Ginger: Ruby! That’s your answer to EVERYTHING!

Ruby:   Well, then you should have learned it by now.

Ginger: All you have to do is follow him! You don’t even Tweet anymore! It’s not hurting anyone!

Ruby:   No cheating, Ginger. No.

Ginger: Fine. I see how it is.

Ruby:   Now what are you doing?

Ginger: I just password-protected the spreadsheet my sister made for you to create various foods and clothing items in Webkinz. Without the password, you can’t see anything in there. No cheating, Ruby.

Ruby:   Your brother-in-law help you set that up?

Ginger: No. I asked one of my brothers.

Ruby:   Ginger…are you…attempting to blackmail me into helping you win a Twitter contest?

Ginger: Blast.

Ruby:   What?

Ginger: I shoulda said “Check and Mate.” Not that whole “No cheating” thing. That was lame.

Ruby:   Ginger. I have all of your brothers’ phone numbers on speed dial. You do know that, right?

Ginger: So the “Check and Mate” thing wouldn’t have made sense? Okay, I’m back to the “No cheating” line.

Ruby:   You really want to win this thing, don’t you?

Ginger: How could I not want dinner withTaylor?

Ruby:   sigh…

Ginger: Are you gonna follow him?

Ruby:   What’s his Twitter name?

Ginger: You do know that’s not the password, right?

Ruby:   Ginger, I’ve known you for a while now. I know you wouldn’t be so stupid as to put someone’s Twitter name as a password.

Ginger: True.

Ruby:   You did, however, change the password to #IWantDinnerWithTaylor. But with numbers somewhere.

Ginger: Wow….you do know me.

Ruby:   Yeah. I’m only following him because you really want this. Also, because I’m not on Twitter that much anymore, so, it’s not a big deal.

Ginger: Hooray! Blackmail works!

Ruby:   That’s not the lesson here, Ginger!


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