‘G’ is for ‘Geek’

Elle: Ruby, I’ve made an important discovery, watch: Ginger, what class was the Enterprise?

Ginger: Starship, but that’s a stupid question.

Ruby: What are we proving?

Elle: You’ll see. Ginger, what’s a Q?
Ginger: A nearly omnipotent being that can do just about anything it wants, so long as it follows orders from The Continuum.

Ruby: And here I thought it was a letter of the alphabet…

Elle: What does ‘Ee-chew-da” mean?

Ginger: ‘Throw him in.’

Elle: In what language?

Ginger: Hutt.

Ruby: Okay, this is getting scary.

Elle: She can go on, too. Ask her about a comic book.

Ruby: Which one?

Elle: Any.

Ginger: Hey, I’m not the only geek here! Elle, how many boyfriends did Buffy have?

Elle: You leave her out of this!

Ruby: Buffy?

Ginger: Yeah, Buffy! And, Ruby, what’s the answer to life, huh?

Elle: We get the point. Between the three of us, we cover the basics of geek-dom.

Ginger: At least I say I’m a geek out loud.

Ruby: I do, too!

Elle: We were just proving that you’re a special kind of geek, Ginger, that’s all.

Ginger: Ruby, she’s been proving this since I started asking people which ship is better, the Millennium Falcon or the Serenity.

Ruby: Serenity, duh.

Ginger: At least you know what you’re comparing it to.

Elle: Seriously, I started asking her these questions because I overheard her arguing with one of her other contributors to this unofficial poll.

Ginger: But I couldn’t let her live in ignorance! I mean, she tried telling me Han didn’t know what he was talking about when he said ‘That Thing About Parsley.’

Ruby: Parsley? When did Han say anything about parsley?

Elle: Oh, no…

Ginger: THANK YOU! She meant when he was talking to Obi Wan and said the Falcon did the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs. Parsecs is actually a measurement of distance, and it’s impressive because Kessel is surrounded by a cluster of black holes and it’s difficult to launch into hyperspace because of that whole “black hole gravitational pull” thing and most ships have to break out of the Kessel black hole system before launching into hyperspace so that they don’t get pulled into the black hole cluster and so it’s a credit to her speed because she could pull away from the black holes faster than any other ship and…why are you shaking your head at me?

Ruby: No reason

Elle: See why I started the Depth of Geekdom quiz?

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: What?

Ruby: I’d say ‘Focus,’ but I think you’ve focused far too much on this already.

Ginger: But no one’s even bothered to ask anything really difficult!

Ruby: Here’s one: which ship would you want to be on?

Elle: How many ships are you limiting her to?

Ruby: No limits.

Ginger: What? It could be Kirk’s Enterprise, Picard’s Enterprise, Voyager, the Millennium Falcon, Luke’s X-Wing, Vader’s TIE-Fighter, Vader’s private shuttle, Serenity, a Reaver’s ship…are you including the ships in the books, too?

Ruby: Books, too.

Ginger: Then, I still…but…the Suncrusher‘s been my dream…for…

Elle: I think you’ve fried her brain.

Ginger: Would I be a crew member or the captain?

Ruby: Well, there’s not much crew involved in some of those you mentioned. I mean, unless you’re R2-D2.

Ginger: No, no, you’ve got a point…I just…I need to…

Elle: Wow. She’s speechless and thinking…

Ginger: …but if I…could I do that…but without proper supervision, I don’t…

Ruby: Mostly speechless.

Elle: She’s taking an awful lot into account for this.

Ruby: Well, you know, she knows an awful lot about it.

Ginger: But could I pay my passage? Maybe if I…

Elle: I don’t want to know what that ‘Maybe’ is…

Ruby: It’s probably not as bad as you think.

Ginger: …but my legs don’t…

Ruby: Or it is.

Elle: With her, sometimes you just know.

Ruby: Time’s up. Answer?

Ginger: Serenity.

Elle: Really? Out of all those options that you know of, you still chose the Firefly?

Ginger: Well, yeah. Serenity is…well…the best option. Besides, if I couldn’t pay my fare, there are all sorts of nooks and crannies I can stow away in.

Ruby: I think Mal would notice.

Elle: River definitely would.

Ginger: Well, then I’d better not run out of money to pay my fare.

Ruby: Good plan, there, Ginger.

Ginger: Which ship would you two choose?

Elle & Ruby: Serenity.

Ginger: Yay! We can travel together!

Elle: She knows this is science FICTION, right?

Ruby: Let her have the moment.


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