Wash In Cold Water

Ginger: Bwah!

Ruby: Ginger, for the last time, I’m not your nephew. Trying to scare me as you enter a room isn’t cute.

Ginger: You’re not even looking at me!

Ruby: Encouraging you is part of the problem.

Ginger: When you ignore me, I get worse.

Ruby: When I encourage you, you get incorrigible.

Ginger: Look, Ma, NO HAIR!

Ruby: What? Ohmygoodness! Ginger, you cut your hair!

Ginger: D’you like it?

Ruby: It’s cute! Do you like it?

Ginger: Yup.

Ruby: So, you just…decided to cut it all off?

Ginger: Yeah. Pretty much.

Ruby: Huh. Is that why you wanted to meet me at the mall?

Ginger: Well, you said you wanted to do stuff and I got bored waiting and the girl in the poster looked nice with the haircut, so…

Ruby: You got here early, then.

Ginger: By an hour. And a half. But I got us coffee!!!

Ruby: Where is it?

Ginger: I may have finished yours after I finished mine.

Ruby: Is that why you can’t stand still?

Ginger: Maybe. So, what do you need to do?

Ruby: Oh, I have to exchange this.

Ginger: That? I bought that for you.

Ruby: I know. What made you think I was a size 0?

Ginger: Um…see, when I went shopping for the underwear shower, I didn’t know what size you were, so I had a picture of you blown up to life-size and carried it around with me. The nightgown fit the cardboard cut-out, so I thought it would fit you, too.

Ruby: …WHAT?!

Ginger: I guessed.

Ruby: You could have called me.

Ginger: But then, you’d know I was buying you something!

Ruby: It was a bridal shower thrown by girls, for a girl, with girls as the only invited guests. I kinda figured you were buying me something.

Ginger: Well, but…be nice to me. My hair is short.

Ruby: You paid someone to make it short.

Ginger: Be nice to me, I look cute? That doesn’t sound as compelling…

Ruby: Neither argument is really all that compelling. Seriously, you thought I was a size 0? I guess I’ll try to be complimented.

Ginger: Do. So, what are you exchanging it for?

Ruby: This. Isn’t it cute?

Ginger: Ooh, pretty. Oh…huh.

Ruby: Huh, what?

Ginger: It says to wash in cold water.

Ruby: Well, yeah, otherwise it could shrink.

Ginger: Yeah, I know.

Ruby: Okay. Then why are you looking at the pajama set like that?

Ginger: Why don’t sheep shrink when it rains?

Ruby: …because rain is cold.

Ginger: Do sheep take baths?

Ruby: I’m so not getting into this with you. Before I know it, you’ll start asking if robots dream of electronic sheep…

Ginger: Do they?!

Ruby: Only when it rains.

Ginger: Do you think I should only wash my hair in cold water? It could shrink…

Ruby: I don’t think it works like that.

Ginger: But…it might.

Ruby: If you’re good and don’t make a scene when I make this exchange, I’ll buy you another coffee.

Ginger: Really?

Ruby: No. But in ten seconds you won’t remember.

Ginger: That’s not true. I’ll remember.

Ruby: Remember what?

Ginger: …to wash my hair in cold water from now on?

Ruby: Good girl. I’m so proud.


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