Top 5 – Yes I Watched ‘High Fidelity’ Recently

Ginger: Top 5 Greatest Television Show Episodes Ever Aired: 1 – Firefly‘s “Out of Gas.”

Ruby: Good choice.

Elle: Agreed.

Ginger: 2 – M*A*S*H‘s “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.”

Elle: Which one was that?

Ruby: The series finale, right?

Ginger: Yeah.

Ruby: Nice.

Ginger: 3 – Newsradio‘s “Bill Moves On.”

Elle: Is she just choosing the ones that made her cry?

Ruby: Possibly.

Ginger: 4 – Friends episode “The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance.”

Ruby: The real question is how does she remember all of these?

Elle: Good point. But I can assure you, she just laughs when she sees that one.

Ruby: Laughs till she cries?

Elle: Yes…yes, indeed.

Ginger: And 5 – The Invisible Man‘s “Ralph.”

Ruby: She’s admitted to me she tears up in that episode.

Ginger: Only at the end.

Elle: Still, tears are present.

Ginger: Yeah, but I don’t have ALL cartoons, either.

Ruby: You know, she’s right…she doesn’t have any cartoons…

Elle: She’s probably saving them for another Top 5 List… Seriously, why did we let her watch High Fidelity this weekend?

Ruby: Because we couldn’t find Serendipity and none of us were in the mood for Say Anything…

Ginger: ‘Hello, Joe. How are you? I love you.’

Elle: She said NOT in the mood, Ginger.

Ginger: Right. Well? Come on…I’m not the only one here with favorite TV episodes. Share.

Ruby: I’ll have to think about it.

Ginger: You mean you’ll have to remember which episodes of Scrubs win out over the episodes of Ally McBeal I forgot or left off.

Elle: You know, you did forget Buffy…

Ginger: But I got the important one in.

All: Firefly.

Ginger: Come on! It’s not life or death. It’s just TV.

Elle: Listen to Little Miss ‘Don’t Call Me In The Middle of Once Upon a Time.’

Ruby: Okay, 1 – Scrubs episode…with the pizza clock.

Ginger: What? I know which episode, but you don’t know the title?

Elle: Do you?

Ruby: Shush, I’m still going. 2 – Scrubs episode…where Turk and Dr. Cox are Pee Buddies.

Ginger: You are taking the joy out of this list.

Ruby: 3 – The Friends episode where they all go in on the lottery ticket…um…

Elle: I think I saw that one.

Ginger: I can’t believe this. Episode titles are easy to find…

Elle: Then you look them up.

Ginger: I have other things to do with my time.

Elle: Like?

Ruby: Still going, here! 4 – Malcolm in the Middle where Lois meets Francis’s wife and they square off over tea. And…um…I can’t decide on a 5th one.

Ginger: I’ll give you one: CSI “Bloodlines.” It’s the one with the Chimera guy.

Ruby: You can’t foist one of your losers off on me! I don’t even LIKE CSI.

Ginger: It’s not a loser. It’s a runner-up. I have two. Well, technically, three, but I consider Family Ties “A, My Name is Alex” parts 1 and 2 as one larger episode.

Elle: If you have two runners-up, why not make it the top 10 list?

Ginger: Because I can’t think of three more.

Ruby: You had to give me CSI over Family Ties, didn’t you? At least I’ve watched Family Ties.

Ginger: It’s a good episode.

Elle: Don’t worry, Ruby, pelting her with M&M’s works out the frustration in no time.

Ruby: I do enjoy having your input in these conversations.

Ginger: Not the face! NOT THE FACE!!!


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