Ruby: Ginger? Are you home?

Ginger: I’m here.

Ruby: Oh. And how long have we been here?

Ginger: Why?

Ruby: Elle called. Said you gave up and went back to bed.

Ginger: Yeah. I figured if we could get everyone to go back to bed, we could convince the world to start today over again.

Ruby: Has it worked yet?

Ginger: I got everyone in the office to do it. I don’t see why the rest of the world shouldn’t follow soon.

Ruby: And how long will you remain in bed?

Ginger: Until tomorrow morning. I’ve given up on today. It started out wrong, so we’ll just hit the “restart” button and go from there.

Ruby: Hm.

Ginger: How was your morning?

Ruby: It could have gone better.

Ginger: See?

Ruby: I’m not saying it was worth giving up on, but it could have its little improvements.

Ginger: It’s not a bad day, it’s just not a good day.

Ruby: Yeah.

Ginger: And, while I’m all for saving the ‘restart’ button for bad days, there were enough of us in the office that could use the restart today.

Ruby: But, what about people having a good day so far?

Ginger: I haven’t met anyone having a good day so far.

Ruby: And because you haven’t met them, you’re going to poof them into nonexistence?

Ginger: Pretty much. I know it’s a flawed plan, but the flaws don’t really affect me yet, so…I’m okay with the flaws.

Ruby: What if your future husband was having a good day and you just poofed him into nonexistence?

Ginger: Not possible.

Ruby: Why not?

Ginger: He wouldn’t have a good day without me. It’s just not right.

Ruby: Ah. Of course.

Ginger: Really, though, just start the day over. Today is a Non-day. It’s not real because enough of us have gone back to bed and we’re not doing anything today. No catching up on work, no calling anyone, we’re not watching TV or playing around on the internet. We’re not doing anything that could change today…movies we already own, computer games we don’t play often enough to care what the score is…and sleep. That’s it. Non-day. And tomorrow will be Monday.

Ruby: For better or for worse?

Ginger: If enough people get on this bandwagon, it could take effect.

Ruby: As much as I don’t think enough people will really jump on this bandwagon, I think it sounds…almost solid.

Ginger: It’s not a vacation, it’s just…a calming things down method. It’s Non-day. Nothing happens today because today doesn’t exist.

Ruby: It’s just…the calm in the storm?

Ginger: Exactly.

Ruby: Oh.

Ginger: Elle is coming home, too, as soon as she convinces her boss of Non-day. It shouldn’t be too hard. He wasn’t having a good day, either.

Ruby: Yeah. What’s that smell?

Ginger: I’m burning incense even though it will effect future days that exist…but right now…it just helps keep things calm and nonexistently serene.

Ruby: It’s pretty.

Ginger: Thanks. What are you looking for?

Ruby: Do you have any extra pajamas? I think I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

Ginger: But you’ll wake up here tomorrow morning.

Ruby: I don’t think I’ll mind.

Ginger: Bottom drawer.

Ruby: Thanks.

Ginger: Wanna watch Serenity?

Ruby: Yeah. Let’s keep Non-day traditions purely calming by watching space explosions in the future.

Ginger: Okay, but I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Nathan Fillion is hot.’

Ruby: At least you’re focused.


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