Apartment Identity Crisis

(the phone rings; Ginger answers)

Ginger: It is way too early in the morning for you to call me.

Ruby: It’s only 9. You’re the one who wanted to leave in the morning.

Ginger: I know, but it’s way too early in the morning for you to call me.

Ruby: All right, I’m outside and waiting. I need some coffee. I didn’t have mine yet…

Ginger: Okay, I’m on my way down now. We can stop on the way.

Ruby: I’m by the green SUV.

Ginger: I’m on the stairs. I’m nearly there.

Ruby: Hurry, I need the coffee!

Ginger: Okay, already, I…what green SUV?

Ruby: The one, like, two doors down from your front door.

Ginger: I repeat: what green SUV?

Ruby: Where are you? I don’t even see you…

Ginger: Ruby…where are you?

Ruby: I’m…I’m…at your…apartment…

Ginger: I see a red car, a blue car and a gold car…I don’t see the Skigh-no.

Ruby: I’m…at your old apartment.

Ginger: You’re… Do you now see how important it is to drink coffee before operating a vehicle at this hour in the morning?!

Ruby: Shut up. I’ll be right there.

Ginger: I’m going back to bed…

Ruby: I’ll be there in ten minutes! I swear!

Ginger: Call me when you get here. I’m going back to sleep on the couch.

Ruby: Fine. Bye.

Ginger: Bye.

(hangs up)

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