Not All Russians Are Spies, Ginger.

Ginger: Psst!

Ruby: I’m sorry, did you just “Psst” at me?

Ginger: Hmm? Oh. No. Sorry, you must have me confused with someone else.

Ruby: We’re the only two people in the room.

Ginger: I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t know what you mean keep your voice down and don’t look at me.

Ruby: Why do you look like you’re going to offer me a letter ‘O’ for just a nickel?

Ginger: A nickel?! I mean, sorry, ma’am. I don’t know what you’re talking about just stop looking at me and keep your voice down!!

Ruby: Okay. Fine. Why am I not looking at you?

Ginger: The walls may have ears.

Ruby: Not from what I can see.

Ginger: You’re not so good at the spy thing, are you?

Ruby: Are you kidding me?

Ginger: SHH! Honestly, Rubes, if I can’t trust you to listen to my top-secret-super-secret secret of secrets, who can I blab my secrets to?

Ruby: I don’t know what was wrong with me. Blab away.

Ginger: The pure vodka will nest at five past.

Ruby: Five past what?

Ginger: High.

Ruby: Hi, yourself.

Ginger: Ruby!

Ruby: Sorry. Hi, yourself.

Ginger: Not ‘hi,’ High. As in the first half of a famous Gary Cooper/Grace Kelly movie title.

Ruby: Some days, I think you’re too subtle for yourself.

Ginger: Come again?

Ruby: Never mind. So, the Absolut is going to be nesting at 12:05?

Ginger: What? No, five HOURS past.

Ruby: Why didn’t you just say 17:00 then?

Ginger: Cause military time confuses me.

Ruby: Oh. Of course.

Ginger: So, you got it?

Ruby: Affirmative. We’re drinking at five, your place!

Ginger: No! No drinking! Where did you get drinking?!

Ruby: You said vodka…

Ginger: As in the Russian…duh…

Ruby: Oh. The Russian is…nesting…nesting…The Russian is robbing a bank for a nest egg at five?

Ginger: Oh, for crying out loud…The Russians will nest…make a nest together…

Ruby: Well, if you wouldn’t mention drinking, maybe I could have caught on faster! Why didn’t you say something like ‘The bears with scythes and hammers wear white at five?’ or ‘The Reds walk in white at five?’

Ginger: Well, if I wanted the world to know, I would have said Русские получают поженились на 5. But I was trying to keep it a secret, since they weren’t telling anyone yet!

Ruby: Well…you suck at coding your secrets.

Ginger: Yeah. But I was really focused on the trenchcoat and hat…y’know, throwback to the Commie Spy Games of the 50’s.

Ruby: It does look nice.

Ginger: Thanks. Oh, hey, wouldya liketa buyanOh? It costs just a nickel!

Ruby: A nickel?

Ginger: SHH! A nickel. So buy dee Oh, and take it home, tonight – DON’TASKANYQUESTIONS! Just buy dee Oh and take it home TONIGHT!

Ruby: Thank you for making me a part of your deluded world.

Ginger: Any time.

Ruby: I know. That’s what concerns me.

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