Hand Over the Chocolate And No One Will Get Hurt

Ginger: Chocolate. Give me chocolate.

Ruby: What is wrong with you?

Ginger: I’m at work, minding my own business, pretending to work very hard, when a manager comes over to introduce everyone in our group to the new candidate. We’re hiring.

Ruby: Oh. Isn’t your group always hiring?

Ginger: If we get more guys like this guy, I’m so joining HR.

Ruby: Have some chocolate.

Ginger: He’s at least 2 years older than me. He plays hockey. He’s gorgeous. He seemed straight…

Ruby: What?

Ginger: Well, he’s from San Francisco…

Ruby: Ah. Of course. Cause all men from San Francisco play for the other team.

Ginger: Is that sarcasm?

Ruby: Of course.

Ginger: The next few minutes after he left, the three single women in the office, self included, decided we have to hire him.

Ruby: Cause looks are more important than experience in your line of work.

Ginger: Obviously.

Ruby: More chocolate?

Ginger: Duh.

Ruby: So, what’s the plan?

Ginger: Wish from afar while surreptitiously finding out if he’s gay.

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: What?

Ruby: Nothing.

Ginger: But he’s smart and good-looking!

Ruby: Ever hear of the term “eye candy?”

Ginger: Yes. I have some boxer shorts that have that written on the side.

Ruby: Well, at least you know that much.

Ginger: Is there more chocolate?

Ruby: If I didn’t know better, I’d think you just want chocolate and you made up the hot-candidate-story.

Ginger: Know better. I don’t make up hot men. I just never win them.

Ruby: They’re not prizes to be won.

Ginger: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You talk pretty big for someone with your own hot man.

Ruby: That’s because he won me over. There’s a difference.

Ginger: Over what?

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: Ew, dark chocolate. Don’t you have any Heath bar bites?

Ruby: Check the secret stash cabinet.

Ginger: Lifesaver.

Ruby: I had some?

Ginger: No, it’s a Lifesaver. A. As in: single. Your secret stash cabinet is sorely lacking in secret stashes.

Ruby: So secret I forgot to fill it.

Ginger: Well, duh.

Ruby: Better, though?

Ginger: Sugar shock is the best way I know to get over eye candy. Better. Oh! Wanna get some Chinese food?

Ruby: Sure…Ginger, does sugar shock help promote your ADD tendencies?

Ginger: What do you mean? Oh! Wanna get some Chinese food?

Ruby: Okay…

Ginger: Oh, and then, let’s watch “Ghostbusters!”

Ruby: Now, you’re talking.

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