See, There Was This Convention Thing…

Ruby: What are you doing?

Ginger: Give me back my pen, I have to finish this…

Ruby: You’re writing to…me…

Ginger: Exactly, so let me have my pen back, please?

Ruby: How many buttons are you wearing?

Ginger: There’s only fifteen, now pretty please give me back my pen?

Ruby: Those two are identical.

Ginger: No, they’re not, one is a blue Dark Horse Comic logo and the other is a yellow Dark Horse Comic logo. Pen pretty please with sugar on top?

Ruby: Ginger, I’m right here, you don’t have to write to me…

Ginger: I just have to finish this thought.

Ruby: What is that underneath it?

Ginger: Um…more letters to you. Why, what did you think they were?

Ruby: Did you write to me every day you were gone?

Ginger: Pretty much.

Ruby: And yet you didn’t mail them to me?

Ginger: Why? I was only gone for a week.

Ruby: Why indeed…

Ginger: Can I have my pen back now?

Ruby: Did you mail letters to Elle while you were away?

Ginger: A postcard. I wrote “Zombies Attacked. Stay indoors. I’ll contact you soon.” She didn’t think it was very informative. Can I have my pen back now?

Ruby: No. Just give me the letters. Wanna come in for a bit while I catch up?

Ginger: Sure. Do you have coffee?

Ruby: It’s eight o’clock at night. Oh! Did you know Fly doesn’t believe in the “vile, wretched bean-drenched water?”

Ginger: How did he ever survive med school?

Ruby: The world may never know…

Day 1-

Dear Ruby,

You would not believe how easy it is to sneak past security, especially if you’re wearing a badge! I got into the exhibit hall before it officially opened and walked from one end of the hall to the other before deciding to go upstairs and see where else my nose could poke. I found all the right places to overpay for an iced coffee, too…that was so fun!!!

I now have a game plan for the remainder of the Con. Tomorrow, I will go and torture the boys until they succumb to my every demand and take at least one photograph (they were busy explaining things about the game to passersby) before winding my way over to the Browncoats’ booth. Once there, of course, I will stay until I see Joss-the-Boss…or until I get distracted. Whichever comes first…

For now, though, I’m going to finish watching one of the crappiest superhero movies HBO has ever put on its schedule and then get some serious sleep.

Unless the fireworks keep me awake.

By the way, did you want Shamu’s autograph? Apparently, he lives next door. And he loves his fireworks…

Always and never,



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