Letters From The Con – Day 2

Ruby: Are you seriously just going to sit there and watch TV while I’m reading these?

Ginger: No. I’m watching your recorded shows. I was away for, like, a whole week. That’s…a lot of shows I missed.

Ruby: Just don’t watch anything I haven’t seen yet, okay?

Ginger: …um…I’ll remember that going forward.

Ruby: I hope you hear that I’m sighing.

Ginger: I hope you stop sighing and start reading. Otherwise, you will NEVER catch up with me and White Collar…

Day 2-

 Dear Ruby,

 You won’t believe me, but I’m going to tell you anyway: I have met Princess Leia. And she dates Malcolm Reynolds. No, seriously!!! I knew you wouldn’t believe me…

 Today I met artists. LOTS of artists. They all seem to draw comic book and graphic novel pages, for some reason. It’s so strange…they’re all impressed by the fact I can paint Mona Lisa on your fingernails, but they can draw half-naked women with scimitars attacking lizard-men against a Mars background and think everyone can do that. My lizard-men always come out looking like koalas with platypus-faces.

 Don’t ask how that makes sense. I’ve been drinking over-priced iced coffees for three hours straight. EVERYTHING makes sense to me. I even know why the caged bird sings…

 I’ve met Jabba the Hutt, by the way. He’s very wooden in real life. And Superman isn’t quite as buff as you’d think. And Darth Vader? Short. And there are so many stormtroopers here, you’d think the ten or so Jedi would be more careful about where they walk, but I guess the Force keeps them safe…

 Anyway, I’m now back in the hotel room. Mom and I ate at a great Thai restaurant in the Gaslamp district (we got lost) before re-discovering the way back to the trolley. The bus drivers are all impressed by how far we came just for a comic book convention.

 AND I MET AN ARISTOCAT!!!!! No, seriously, he did voiceover work for the movie The Aristocats. Yeah…he was OLD.

 And Shamu has started setting off the fireworks again…


Till next time…same Bat-time, same Bat-stationery,



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