Letters from the Con – Day 3

Ruby: Wow, it feels like so long since I picked up these letters.

Ginger: I know. Keep reading.

Ruby: I mean, seriously, I feel like if I stopped reading these and just moved on, no one would notice.

Ginger: I would notice. Keep reading.

Ruby: If you really wanted me to read these, you would have mailed them to me while you were there.

Ginger: I’ll keep that in mind for next year. Keep reading.

Ruby: Ginger, would you like me to keep reading?

Ginger: Only if you want to…


Day 3-

Dear Ruby,

We started the day off by meeting Tippy, Brass, Strings, All the Birds and two aliens…in case you can’t make heads-or-tails of that, drink more coffee.

Or watch One Man Band, For the Birds and Lifted…you know, the Pixar shorts. Man, iPads are GREAT when you’re waiting for the trolley! Then drink more coffee. And a Red Bull.

I got to meet MasterChief a couple of times. My brothers would be so proud. It was weird, though – he kept changing armor color, height and seemed to never remember meeting me previously. You’d think I would be memorable, since I’m dressed as comic-book-Mystique. The red wig is itchy, but worth it.

Mom and I wandered around more and saw the Boys again…Mom bought a hat from them. I got a picture with them…they miss me already, I can tell.

Joss-the-Boss showed up at the Browncoat booth at just the right moment – about ten minutes after I left.

Finally, Mom and I had dinner with several other Browncoats at a Mediterranean restaurant. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who ever got a burger at a place known for its pasta and lambchops…foolish people without severe allergies to olive oil…

And we got back to the hotel room just in time for Shamu’s fireworks extravanaganza.  I think he waited…

From Infinity and Beyond, 




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