Letters From The Con – Day 4

Ruby: How many more did you write?

Ginger: How many days was I gone?

Ruby: Never mind.

Day 4-


Did you realize how easy it is to meet Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk and Black Widow? So easy! Just come to Comic Con! They may not all be together at the same time, but they are here. Also, Nick Fury is totally going to call me. I may have slipped my card into his pocket. May not have, may have…who can remember after all the coffee???

Mom and I attended a bunch of panels – one was for that new show that I’m falling for. If I could remember which one it was, I’d tell you. There are A LOT of panels and shows!!! And they’re ALL SO MUCH FUN!!!!! And it’s not just because I am buzzing off the iced coffees…did you know caffeine is addictive? I had no idea!

And, thanks to Shamu’s ever-helpful nightly activities (read: fireworks, not sex, you sicko), we may or may not have taken a short nap during the low-key discussion and artwork displays of some manga I’d never heard of before. The panel looked interesting, but only if you were reading it…not listening to the script supervisor talk about his favorite character drawings…

Mom made me return to the hotel for a nap or something. She promised me iced coffee, so I returned to the hotel. She lied about the iced coffee. But the nap was just as good. We had some good old-fashioned Wendy’s and a movie and the phone thought I should experience a new definition of “phone sex” and Shamu’s fireworks only set the mood for the phone.

I should stop wearing the “I’m a gay robot” T-shirt in front of machinery…the bus ticket thingie wanted me, too. It tried nibbling my fingertips…sadly, though, I keep breaking mechanical hearts everywhere I go.

Waitaminnut…is that really “sadly?”

In the name of Truth, Justice and the American Ways of writing,



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