Halloween Costume Search

Ginger: Ruby, have you given any thought to Halloween?

Ruby: You mean other than ‘Drat, I live in a high-rise so there will be no adorable little trick-or-treaters coming to collect candy/attempt to egg my front door until 1 or 2 a.m.?’ No, not really.

Ginger: I meant what you’re going to dress up as.

Ruby: Ginger, Halloween is on a Wednesday this year. You can’t dress up.

Ginger: Where does it say that in the dress code?

Ruby: As frightened as I am at the possibility that you put this much thought into it, I’m still intrigued.

Ginger: As long as I am not wearing jeans, spandex or T-shirts, I’m still within the boundaries of the dress code.

Ruby: And shoes.

Ginger: Oh, yeah, and shoes. But those were a given.

Ruby: Not with you…remember the year you were Cinderella?

Ginger: Oh yeah…it did take a while to heal after that year…

Ruby: I still can’t believe you did so much damage without a shoe on…

Ginger: He had it coming, though. No one should mess with a girl in a ball gown and only one high heel.

Ruby: Yeah…but in his defense, he was dressed up like Prince Charming…

Ginger: Charming, not sincere. But moving on. Have you given any thought to your Halloween costume?

Ruby: Um…I was thinking of dressing as a Computer Guru at work on a Wednesday morning in late October.

Ginger: So, you were just going to go like normal?

Ruby: Maybe some pumpkin earrings.

Ginger: Oh.

Ruby: Dare I ask…

Ginger: Dare.

Ruby: What were you thinking of dressing as?

Ginger: Well, there are several options. I considered dressing as Chocolate Chic–you know, that comic strip character–but then I thought, nah, everyone will be dressed like a member of the Quad Squad…

Ruby: Um, yeah…my…sentiments…exactly…

Ginger: And then I thought maybe a Ghostbuster, but then that brings up the question of which one…

Ruby: And then you’d be laughing to yourself all day…

Ginger: True, and they’re already scared of me when I laugh as it is…so that wouldn’t really help me work…

Ruby: Yeah…

Ginger: And then I thought maybe I could dress up as Marzipan or Homestar Runner or even Strongbad.

Ruby: Interesting choice…either no arms all day or boxing gloves, thereby hindering your ability to do work. Nice. You put thought into this one.

Ginger: Well…yeah.

Ruby: But you decided against those options.

Ginger: But I think I finally decided on the right one.

Ruby: What did you…decide…on finally?

Ginger: I’m just going to go into the office without my sunglasses.

Ruby: Without your…I think I need to sit down.

Ginger: It’s that scary, huh?

Ruby: I just…give me a second, okay?

Ginger: See, I’m not sure that it’s a wise move, though, because my sunglasses are a lot like Cyclops’s red visor…it actually protects others from the blasts that could level them in a matter of seconds.

Ruby: Did you…did you have a second choice?

Ginger: Tigger.

Ruby: Third choice?

Ginger: What’s wrong with Tigger?

Ruby: Third choice?

Ginger: Princess Leia.

Ruby: Fourth choice?

Ginger: So you’re saying I shouldn’t go in without my sunglasses?

Ruby: Fourth choice?

Ginger: Cheerleader.

Ruby: Maybe you should consider going in as a professional office worker who writes books in her spare time and enjoys quoting movies for fun.

Ginger: This is why you never get dress codes re-written due to your pushing rules to the limit.

Ruby: And yet, I’m happy with this record.

Ginger: I’ve changed dress code rules on two continents! Two!

Ruby: Dress however you want, once you’re at home. At work…professional office worker who writes books in her spare time and enjoys quoting movies for fun.

Ginger: What if I come in my pajamas?

Ruby: Are you allergic to listening to me?

Ginger: When it comes to Halloween costumes, yes.

Ruby: Fine. Dress all in black and tell people you’re dressed as a chalkboard.

Ginger: I had a teacher who did that…

Ruby: Paint fake blood across your neck, but wear your office appropriate clothes and say you’re a zombie.

Ginger: I tell them that all the time…

Ruby: Call in sick and wear whatever you want.

Ginger: I can’t if I want to go to Australia.

Ruby: You still have two weeks. Think of something office appropriate.

Ginger: But what will YOU do??

Ruby: Three words: Work From Home.

Ginger: …

Ruby: I can wear my pajamas. I can eat candy. And I can still get work done.

Ginger: …so you’re going as a ghost?

Ruby: Um…well…yeah, I guess if you put it like that…I sorta…am…



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