Staff Meeting Minutes

Ruby: Ginger! What were those things in Fraggle Rock that built the tiny little civilizations but the Fraggles ate their construction sites?

Ginger: Doozies?

Ruby: No, that’s not it. Were they Dozers?

Ginger: Gozer?

Ruby: No, that’s “Ghostbusters.”

Ginger: Hee. “My glass eye!”

Ruby: …we’re still going to be saying that and laughing at it when we’re 50, aren’t we?

Ginger: Hee. Yeah.

Ruby: Doozers!

Ginger: Yeah, that’s it!…wait, why were we working so hard to remember this?

Ruby: Because in my morning staff meeting, it came up and no one could remember what they were called.

Ginger: Your staff discusses Fraggle Rock at morning staff meetings?

Ruby: Not always. But it came up.

Ginger: Because Fraggles are obviously computer-related.

Ruby: See, when you say it like that, it doesn’t sound ‘obvious’ but it does sound ‘sarcastic.’

Ginger: My staff meetings tend to not include Muppets.

Ruby: It’s not like Muppets are at the meeting…they just…crop up in conversation.

Ginger: Yeah, my staff meetings tend to stay on topic.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: So, if I were to…oh, I don’t know, turn your hand over so as to expose the henna designs in ball-point pen that stretch from your thumb all the way down your wrist and arm to the elbow, you would say that this has to do with insurance related questions?

Ginger: …but we don’t discuss Muppets.

Ruby: And what is at the top of your staff meeting notes?

Ginger: That would be my name in Cyrillic.

Ruby: Of course. Cause that came up in an insurance staff meeting.

Ginger: I had to introduce myself to the new guy.

Ruby: Does he read Cyrillic?

Ginger: I don’t know. He could have all sorts of secret past-times.

Ruby: Of course.

Ginger: Did you ask me the Doozer question because you knew I had no moral high ground from which to criticize your staff discussions?

Ruby: No. Of course not.

Ginger: Well, just let me know if your staff ever decides to include He-Man villains in your meetings.

Ruby: I will.

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