Dramatic Sigh

Ginger: Ruby, what are you doing today?

Ruby: Aside from slowly waking up because you called me at an obscenely early hour on a Saturday morning and, once we’ve hung up, cursing the perky tones in your voice until I run out of words?

Ginger: Um…yeah.

Ruby: I was thinking about showering at some point.

Ginger: Did you get any sleep last night?

Ruby: I finished a book.

Ginger: When?

Ruby: What time is it?

Ginger: Nine.

Ruby: Three hours ago.

Ginger: So…I guess you don’t want to see a foreign film with me.

Ruby: Which foreign film?

Ginger: I rented Curse of the Golden Flower. Gong Li is in it.

Ruby: Who?

Ginger: sigh

Ruby: Yes, Ginger, sigh dramatically. Becauseobviously that will help me remember.

Ginger: I think I shouldn’t wake you on Saturday mornings anymore…

Ruby: Didn’t you already seeCurse of the Golden Flower?

Ginger: Well, yes and no. Yes, I’ve seen everything leading up to the super-climactic battle and explanation of all the secrets we’ve been hinted to and No, I haven’t seen anything after that.

Ruby: Why not?

Ginger: The DVD had a really bad scratch on it.

Ruby: Ah. And who is Gong Li?

Ginger: She was inMemoirs of a Geisha. Hatsumommo.

Ruby: Oh, yeah…her…

Ginger: So? Wanna see it?

Ruby: By “see it” you mean “sleep while Ginger watches it,” right?

Ginger: Riiiiiight. So…wanna sleep while I watch a movie?

Ruby: Can I sleep from here?

Ginger: sigh

Ruby: I thought we went over how much dramatic sighs are not working on me today.

Ginger: Go get some sleep…I’ll wait till tomorrow to see the rest of the movie.

Ruby: I’m hanging up.

Ginger: Sigh.

Ruby: I’m super-impressed. Really.

Ginger: I know.


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