I Am Your Density…

Ginger: It’s destiny, Ruby!

Ruby: I don’t know any Destiny’s, I think you have the wrong number.

Ginger: Very funny.

Ruby: I do my best.

Ginger: Seriously, it’sdestiny!

Ruby: You don’t believe in destiny.

Ginger: That’s entirely beside the point.This is destiny!

Ruby: You’re not going to give this one up until I ask, are you?

Ginger: Not really, no. Like a very determined Tasmanian devil, I am.

Ruby: We’re going to skip that tangent…

Ginger: Aw, but I was all prepared!

Ruby: And moving on. What is thisdestiny, Ginger?

Ginger: Joss Whedon!

Ruby: If I just stare blankly, will you continue?

Ginger: It’s worked in the past…

Ruby: Okay.

Ginger: I’m obviouslydestined to work with Joss Whedon!

Ruby: Is this like the time you thought you weredestined to pursue a career as a Ladies’ Traveling Companion?

Ginger: That plan would have worked if I hadn’t been born in the wrong century!

Ruby: Obviously a minor detail you could have easily overcome had you the resources you continually muttered about for that week…

Ginger: All I needed was 1.21 jigga-watts!

Ruby: We’re focusing now. Ready? And….Focus.

Ginger: Destiny! Joss Whedon!

Ruby: Explain! In full sentences!

Ginger: Okay, so I was in a play in grade school with a guy who has since performed in several movies…

Ruby: Dave, right. Continue.

Ginger: And he’s only two professional degrees away from Joss, but only one informal degree from Joss.

Ruby: “Professional degrees” and “informal degrees?”

Ginger: He’s worked with Jenna, who’s worked with Nathan –

Ruby: The Captain, right.

Ginger: And he’s worked with Joss. Twice. Informally, Jenna is friends with Joss.

Ruby: And Joss directed that one episode.

Ginger: True! So, really, he’s one degree either way from Joss! Destiny!

Ruby: I’m waiting for this to make sense.

Ginger: Well, the other night, I was watching “Bones” and I was in a play with one of the extras in college!

Ruby: Is this where it’s supposed to make sense?

Ginger: Someone I’ve worked with recently –

Ruby: Is 10 years really all that recent?

Ginger: Was on a show with David, who was in two of Joss’s shows. Someone I worked with several years before that has repeatedly shown up in a show that connects me to Joss in under five degrees of separation. I’m getting closer each time! And besides, the play was only 6 years ago, not 10.

Ruby: Ginger, you’re not moving closer to Joss. You’re standing at the same point. You to Dave to Jenna to Joss. That’s only three degrees away. You to Extra-Boy to David to Joss. That’s three degrees, as well.

Ginger: Yeah, but there’s two people I know who make me three degrees away from Joss. That evens it out.

Ruby: No…it really doesn’t.

Ginger: It does. I could go to a party and run into Joss any day now.

Ruby: You’d have to actually attend a party Joss is also attending.

Ginger: It could happen.

Ruby: You live in the Midwest. Joss lives in California.

Ginger: He could visit. The Midwest has lots to offer.

Ruby: Yeah. Found those 1.21 jigga-watts yet?

Ginger: Stupid lightning won’t send me a response to my email…

Ruby: Yeah, you’d fit in really nicely in 19th Century Europe.

Ginger: Ya think?


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