Lunch With Fred

Ginger: Hello, Ruby, how are you?

Ruby: Um…Ginger? Are you okay?

Ginger: I am okay, thank you for asking. How are you?

Ruby: I’m…fine…why aren’t you looking at me?

Ginger: I can see you just fine.

Ruby: You can see my toes just fine…look at me.

Ginger: I’m not sure I can. I just had lunch with someone who spent the whole time staring at my toes while he spoke. And he spoke.

Ruby: So…he’s…clearly an extrovert.

Ginger: Pretty much.

Ruby: What did he talk about? And look up, sweetie, that’s unnerving.

Ginger: Well, to start, I was working on something that made me a little late, I came up the escalator just as he was going to find a seat, I got my salad and went to get a coffee, but the coffee was out so the girl made me a Café Americano because she didn’t want me to wait for a whole coffee thing to brew and then I got out there and it seemed to go fine…

Ruby: Well, that was nice of the girl.

Ginger: Yeah, she even gave me three shots of espresso in my Café Americano.

Ruby: Oh, well, that’s…wait,three?

Ginger: Yeah, but I haven’t noticed any weird side effects.

Ruby: Yet.

Ginger: Please, it’s not like I’m going to start buzzing or anything. Do you hear that?

Ruby: Hear what?

Ginger: Huh…it’s gone. Nope, it’s back. No–gone. Oh, back. Weird, it’s only when I turn my head to the left like that…

Ruby: Ginger?

Ginger: Right. Focus. So, I mentioned wanting to get my work done so that my boyfriend and I can relax when we go see the play on Sunday and I’m not thinking about work the whole time, then we talked about movies (he hasn’t seen any new ones lately) and he told me about his roommate from college and moving and his dad and I think it went fine… Did I say that already? I feel bad because he was talking and didn’t eat most of lunch. But I think it went fine. Oh, the weird thump is back.

Ruby: Weird…thump?

Ginger: It’s like a really slow horse…or…no…a fast horse…with muffled tap shoes…just inside my head.

Ruby: Your…heartbeat?

Ginger: If that’s my heartbeat, then I’m in serious…oh, wait, would three shots of espresso make my heart rate go up? Cause I had a Café Americano with…did I tell you that already? Wait, noise is back.

Ruby: Stop turning your head!

Ginger: I’m not doing it to annoy you, it’s just…weird…to hear that…it’s like crickets jumping around inside a tympani drum…

Ruby: So…back to Fred.

Ginger: Fred? I had lunch with him. I think it went fine. I lied and said I had a boyfriend, so maybe that will be the end of it.

Ruby: Ginger?

Ginger: What?

Ruby: Stop moving.

Ginger: I’m not. You’re the one…oh, crap.

Ruby: Yeah.

Ginger: Whatamigonnado? Ican’tworklikethis!

Ruby: It’s very simple. Are you ready?

Ginger: Yes! No! Wait,whatwasthequestion? WOW, your hair is REALLY red right now, you should so totally take a picture or a cutting from it and save it so you can always see how red your hair is and I’ve always wanted red hair well I did when I was younger but now I’m kinda okay with my own color hair cause it’s not boring you know like I thought it was but there’s all these streaks in it and yeah I know I’m going gray but it’s partly that and partly red and partly blonde and you know what a fun word to say is it’s partly because it’s almost a party in your mouth but not like pop rocks OH remember pop rocks those things were so fun and I just want some pop rocks now and then we could play on some swings that is such a great ab-workout but you wouldn’t know it just by looking at it and I could really use a…

Ruby: Ginger? Ginger? Great. She’s asleep.


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