Verily, The Adventure Continues

Ginger: It never fails.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: Fake snow. In my pockets.

Elle: You really have no one to blame but yourself.

Ginger: sigh. I know.

Ruby: I think that actress was over-reacting a little.

Elle: But I was impressed with the fake snowball. It held up pretty well.

Ruby: And the way she worked it into the show? Inspiring. Truly inspiring.

Ginger: Well, you two didn’t have to applaud so enthusiastically, you know…

Elle: When you see a great moment, you should applaud enthusiastically.

Ruby: Agreed.

Ginger: Regardless, what shall we do next?

Elle: Next?

Ruby: Yes, next. We’re all awake and it’s a lovely Friday night…oh! The pool hall is open right now!

Ginger: No.

Elle: No?

Ginger: No, she gets way too crazy in a pool hall. We’re not going there.

Elle: Says the woman who just prompted a professional actress to throw a synthetic snowball at her during a performance.

Ruby: Good point. I applaud you. Besides, she only dislikes the idea because then she has to be the Mommy.

Elle: Oh! We’re so going, then.

Ginger: That’s not why I dislike the idea! I dislike the idea because we seem to find all the freaks there.

Ruby: And this is different from anywhere else…….how?

Elle: I call shotgun!

Ginger: Seriously, we’re not going there.

Ruby: Oh, yes we are. I still have to show Elle the Wall of 7’s.

Ginger: No, no 7’s! If we go, we’re playing darts!

Elle: Yay! I can make my own Wall of 7’s – with DARTS!

Ginger: And when I say “darts,” I mean “kirigami at a table tucked WAY in the back of the bar across the street.”

Ruby: You only say that because I just taught you that word.

Ginger: Maybe.

Elle: But I’m really suddenly very in the mood for pool…

Ruby: Me, too. I’ll drive.

Ginger: No, no, no, no, no!

Ruby: This always happens, keep walking away. She’ll follow eventually.

Elle: I know. I have to do this in front of tattoo parlors constantly.

Ruby: She follows you away from them?

Elle: Well, technically, I take her purse with me, but it still works.

Ruby: I’ll try that next time.

Ginger: Okay, I’m here. And since I’m going to have to be The Mommy…wait, why is it that one of us always has to be The Mommy?

Ruby: It’s the way things work. Any time women are around each other, there’s always titles.

Elle: Oh, that’s right…The Maid, The Mother and The Crone…

Ruby: Um…yeah, but not quite what I was going for…

Ginger: You mean The Mommy, The Sarcastic, The Saint, and The Promiscuous?

Ruby: Again…not quite…

Elle: The Carrie, The Miranda, The Charlotte and The Samantha?

Ginger: I thought I just did that…

Ruby: Look, how can I put this…there always has to be a Mommy because the balance is off, otherwise.

Ginger: What balance?

Elle: There always has to be someone with bail money. Without the Mommy, we’d all end up in jail. For different reasons, obviously.

Ruby: Not everyone argues quite so vehemently with the meter maids over tickets as Elle does.

Elle: Not everyone gets their very own Wall of 7’s.

Ginger: You’ve only listed things you two do. I wouldn’t end up in…huh…more fake snow. How does this get there?!

Elle & Ruby: (applaud. But a slow, sarcastic applause this time.)

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