How I Spent My Winter Solstice Vacation…

Ginger: Merry Christmas!

Ruby: Happy Hanukkah!

Ginger: Have some coffee, the elixir of life!

Ruby: Thanks. Elixir of life?

Ginger: It’s been a bit hard to sleep lately.

Ruby: Haven’t I told you not to watch those movies?

Ginger: Yes. But it got rave reviews! You know I can’t resist a rave review!

Ruby: How many nights have you gone without proper sleep?

Ginger: Only six…it’s not nearly as bad as you think, I mean, I just wake up a little and…start…praying for… Okay, are you yawning at me?

Ruby: Not at you. Specifically. Just…in general.

Ginger: Did you watch it, too?

Ruby: No, no. I spent the past week in a one bedroom apartment with Fly’s family.

Ginger: That’s not too bad, is it?

Ruby: His extended family.

Ginger: Isn’t there somewhere around 36 people in Fly’s family?

Ruby: Yes. But, luckily, I only had to spend the week with 8 of them.

Ginger: In the one…bedroom…apartment…

Ruby: Yup.

Ginger: You win.

Ruby: Some of them snore, too.

Ginger: You win by a landslide.

Ruby: Thanks. How was your Christmas?

Ginger: It was good, actually. I got movies and Shakespeare and a board game and a tea cup.

Ruby: You got Shakespeare? Someone dug him up and wrapped him up and handed him over?

Ginger: Don’t be silly. That would smell funny.

Ruby: Right. What was I thinking?

Ginger: So, how was Hanukkah? Did you get all you wanted?

Ruby: Oh, yeah. A week in a one bedroom apartment with 8 other people. Most of whom speak little or no English. That’s exactly what I put on my “Dear Hanukkah Harry…” letter.

Ginger: Have some more coffee…

Ruby: Actually, it wasn’t all that bad. Towards the end of the week, I started hoping that someone would leave the door open enough for me to see Fly sleeping on the couch. That made things better…just knowing he was there. I got lucky once.

Ginger: Sleeping under the mistletoe will do that for you.

Ruby: What? Ginger! That’s not what I meant and you know it!

Ginger: Do you get to keep just one berry if you get lucky under mistletoe or do you keep the whole hanging for that?

Ruby: What part of “Does not celebrate Christmas” do you not fully comprehend?

Ginger: I could look into the tradition of mistletoe for you if you want…

Ruby: Thank you for ruining my ‘PG’ image, there, Ginge. Remind me to do the same for you some day. Oh, hey, wanna play a game? I know just the thing. It’s called “Watch Movies About Demonic Possession With Ginger.”

Ginger: I’llbenice!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruby: Thought so.

Ginger: And I thought I was the scary one…

Ruby: After a week of broken sleep, I get to be the scary one.

Ginger: I’ll keep that in mind.

Ruby: I guess it wasn’t all that bad. I mean, I did get what I wanted. I got to spend time with Fly.

Ginger: Well, that’s good, then.

Ruby: Yeah. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you: when I was out with Fly, we found Season 1 of Fraggle Rock on DVD and I may have suggested to him that I would love it for my birthday.

Ginger: Suggested?

Ruby: I know. I’m going to have to paste pictures of it with the words “Ruby Wants – Birthday” in all the rooms in his apartment and in his car.

Ginger: You think that will be enough? I mean, Rule 1 of Men’s Rules clearly states “Ask for you what you want… Subtle hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!”

Ruby: I thought the pictures would be obvious enough…

Ginger: Nice try. But no.

Ruby: Well, he has three months…

Ginger: In which you get to say repeatedly “I want the Fraggle Rock – Season 1 DVD.”

Ruby: What if I email him my updated Amazon wish list?

Ginger: Do you need to review the Men’s Rules again?

Ruby: No. It’ll work…

Ginger: As long as you’re prepared for the inevitable.

Ruby: Thanks for the vote of confidence. It’s appreciated.

Ginger: No worries. It’s what I’m here for. Now, please don’t make me sleep in my apartment by myself on Saturday. Elle is going to see her parents this weekend. The apartment makes weird noises at night.

Ruby: You’re still not over that movie?

Ginger: Of course I am. But my teddy bears aren’t and they need someone to be in the next room just in case.

Ruby: Riiiiiight…

Ginger: I’ll buy coffee in the morning.

Ruby: With that as an incentive, why don’t you stay at my place? That way, I can sleep in my bed and you can feed your fears on my couch.

Ginger: At least I’m not afraid of…um…what are you afraid of?

Ruby: You know, for such a fearless person, you’re afraid of an awful lot.

Ginger: Am not!

Ruby: Uh-oh, look out, it’s a ladybug on your shoulder.

Ginger: I’m not looking. Not because I’m frozen with panic, but because it’s January and I know there’s no ladybugs out and about right now and I’m just not looking.

Ruby: Yeah, the dark and ladybugs…how do you get through life being afraid of those?

Ginger: I have a nightlight and bug spray. Now shut up and drink your coffee while I try to remember what you’re afraid of.

Ruby: Seriously, ladybugs?

Ginger: Shut up.


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