Ruby And Ginger Take The Bus

Ginger: Why are we STOPPING so much?

Ruby: We have to pick up these other people.

Ginger: Why?

Ruby:Because they want to ride the bus, too.

Ginger: Why don’t they just drive, like normal people?

Ruby:Maybe they don’t have a car.

Ginger: Why didn’t WE just drive, like normal pe–just, like normal?

Ruby:You knew I’d say we’re not normal people, didn’t you?

Ginger: Just answer the question.

Ruby:Because we’re saving the environment by not polluting the air with our own car when we can take the bus and reduce the amount of–

Ginger: You’re just trying to get out of admitting you didn’t want to try to find parking.

Ruby:And to avoid the inevitable grumblings from you about “why don’t all those other drivers sell their cars and just take the bus, already, so we can find a place to park.”

Ginger: Yes, cause my grumblings have been completely avoided in this course of action.

Ruby:But I can close my eyes and pretend I can’t hear you this way.

Ginger: But you know I’ll cause a scene as soon as you do.

Ruby:For the last time, you cannot start quoting Speed while riding the bus.

Ginger: “Pop quiz, as–”

Ruby:Oh, look, it’s our stop.

Ginger: Good, cause once this bus reaches 50 mph –


Ginger: What? I was only going to say if the bus reached 50 mph, a miracle would happen.

Ruby:I don’t know why I try taking you anywhere.

Ginger: Because I’m fun.

Ruby:Does F.U.N. stand for “Frustratingly Unbelievable Nuisance?”

Ginger: Only when it applies to a bus.

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