Ginger: Ruby? Ruby? Did you watch it yet?

Ruby: Watch what?

Ginger: What do you mean ‘watch what?’ Only the best TV show. Ever. Mostly. Okay, Currently On TV.

Ruby: Oh. No, not yet.

Ginger: Were you planning on watching it any time soon?

Ruby: I was going to put it on today after work.

Ginger: Do you mind if I sit here trembling with unspoken quotes until you watch it?

Ruby: …over the phone? If I said yes, would it even make a difference?

Ginger: No one watched it last night. NO ONE BUT ME. Quotes are building up pressure in my brain! I MUST QUOTE!

Ruby: Can’t you just quote Firefly or Chuck until I’m ready?

Ginger: You are sorely lacking in imagination.

Ruby: Ginger, just let me watch it on my own time.

Ginger: Yeah, you know what? You’re still cool.

Ruby: Um…thank you?

Ginger: My easy-goin’ nature is getting sorely fu—


Ginger: You TOLD me to quote other things until you watched it!

Ruby: Yes, but not SLiTHER. This is a family-friendly conversation.

Ginger: Like a trained ape, without the training?

Ruby: I’m hanging up. Go quote at the mirror until I’m ready for you.

Ginger: But there were some REALLY good ones last night!

Ruby: Don’t make me take away your TV.

Ginger: Don’t need a TV…

Ruby: Ginger? I’ll take away your DVD’s, too.

Ginger: I can watch it online…

Ruby: I think the YouTube era has seriously damaged the ease with which our mothers used to threaten us.

Ginger: Yeah, but on the bright side, my Mom watches more TV now that she can catch up online if she misses an episode.

Ruby: How is that the bright side?

Ginger: …I’ll have to get back to you on that…

Ruby: You do that.


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