Nobody Puts Ginger In A Corner.

Ginger: I love this movie.

Ruby: I couldn’t tell.

Ginger: I could watch this movie once a week for a year and still love it.

Ruby: You did watch this movie once a week for a year. And then you moved in with Elle and she took away your DVD.

Ginger: After a month. She took it away after a month. She watched it with me those first four times.

Ruby: I know. She started texting me the third week during the movie.

Ginger: “Yeah, it takes a real saint to go ask Daddy.”

Ruby: I shouldn’t be surprised you know every single line by heart, right?

Ginger: You love this movie, too. You’re a girl.

Ruby: This movie isn’t a bad way to pass the time once a year. Maybe once every two years.

Ginger: See that? See that face? That’s when Baby knows she can do it and she will do it and that Johnny will have to eat his words. That’s what that face is.

Ruby: So, how did you get the DVD back from Elle?

Ginger: She left for the weekend. Visiting friends in Florida or something. I love this part…

Ruby: You love all the parts.

Ginger: You know what? They totally should have had more dance sequences in Red Dawn.

Ruby: …no.

Ginger: Yes, I mean, they had the two main actors from this and all they had to do was just inject some music.

Ruby: No.

Ginger: Picture it – as the group of teens are sitting around the measly little campfire, trying to stay warm and keep their spirits up, the radio crackles into a song and Charlie Sheen’s character is all “Hey, remember the school dance last year?” And then that other guy’s character is all “Remember how you couldn’t get the nerve to ask Jill to dance with you?” And then that other guy’s character is all “It’s because he can’t dance.”

Ruby: I’m so not partaking in this conversation. You convinced me to sit through this movie already – I’m not taking the side trip into Crazy with you.

Ginger: It’s a quick detour, I promise.

Ruby: Fine. Let me guess, then Patrick Swayze’s character is all “I can show you how to dance.”

Ginger: No, first Jennifer Grey’s character has to say “You don’t know how to dance?” And then Patrick Swayze’s character gets all “The men in our family are born dancers.” And then he proves it by dancing with Jennifer Grey’s character.

Ruby: Of course.

Ginger: It would have been a nice uplifting moment in an otherwise really boring movie.

Ruby: If it’s so boring, why have you seen that movie nine times?

Ginger: Because when I’m not actively watching it, the movie is impressive in my memory.

Ruby: Is that what happens with this movie?

Ginger: No. I just love this movie.

Ruby: Of course.

Ginger: He locked the keys in his car. Silly Johnny.

Ruby: Do you mind if I finish reading my novel while you watch the movie?

Ginger: I think it’s impressive that the dance he taught her works with every single song on the soundtrack…

Ruby: Yeah, I’m just gonna read from now until the end of the movie.

Ginger: “The best place to learn lifts is in the water.”

Ruby: Okay.

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