Dream Analyssessessesses

Ginger: Helloooo, Ruby!

Ruby: Watching Animaniacs again?

Ginger: What gave it away?

Ruby: The near-“Hello, Nurse” routine.

Ginger: Oh.

Ruby: You seem to be in a good mood, though, so I won’t complain.

Ginger: Oh, it wasn’t the Warner sibs that put me here…although, they did help keep me here…

Ruby: All right, I’ll bite. What put you in a good mood?

Ginger: I had a prophetic dream.

Ruby: Ginger, for the last time: your dreams are not prophetic.

Ginger: I beg to differ. Remember how I had that dream where I found a nickel?

Ruby: It doesn’t count if you wake up and immediately go to the nickel you knew you dropped the night before.

Ginger: Okay, fine. Remember how I dreamed that I went to Australia?

Ruby: You were on the plane toAustralia at the time.

Ginger: Still. My plane could’ve crashed. Or gotten hi-jacked.

Ruby: Fine. Tell me your dream this time.

Ginger: I dreamed that Nathan Fillion and I were making plans for our weekend together.

Ruby: That’s it?

Ginger: Well, that and later in the dream I was in a hallway that reminded me of Alice In Wonderland. I was army-crawling by the end of the hall because the ceiling was so low.

Ruby: It’s not prophetic.

Ginger: True, if the ceiling were that low, I probably would have gone back and found a different way to enter the classroom…

Ruby: No, I mean your dream was just processing.

Ginger: Blistered be thy tongue for such a wish!

Ruby: Ginger, you spent the past two weekends watching Serenity and Waitress. You received a postcard in the mail about your alma mater and you’ve told me a hundred times about the “Alice Tunnels” where the ceiling sloped and the floor was made up of black-n-white tiles.

Ginger: But what about the army-crawling?

Ruby: Haven’t you been watching a lot of NCIS lately?

Ginger: So?

Ruby: So? So, Nathan Fillion is the star of the two movies you’ve been watching and re-watching for nearly two weeks – mostly on the weekends. That explains why you’d be “planning a weekend” with him.

Ginger: You just love to destroy my happiness, don’t you?

Ruby: Hardly. I prefer you in a happy state of bothersome bubblyness, but I really prefer you in a non-self-deluding happy state of bothersome bubblyness.

Ginger: What if it was prophetic, disguised as processing?

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: No, it could happen!

Ruby: Okay. So, you’re willing to look forward to army-crawling?

Ginger: …okay, fine. You win. It was processing.

Ruby: Sorry.

Ginger: No, it’s fine. Really. I still have the Warner sibs to keep me entertained. I’ll be…fine…

Ruby: …maybe only part of the dream was processing…?

Ginger: I knew you’d see it my way.

Ruby: I should really stop aiding you in your self-delusions.

Ginger: Admit it – my self-delusions are way more fun than reality.

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