Bored, Now.

Ruby: Ginger? What are you doing?

Ginger: Ruby! I’m glad you’re here! You can watch these old episodes of Daybreak to see if there’s any Firefly reference. I’m going through each and every line of Chuck and I already went through the episodes of Drive.

Ruby: Okay, see, now is when I feel I should ask if you’ve been writing on glass lately.

Ginger: What? Look, if you’re going to ask non sequitur questions, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. I have all these series to get through and that’s not even including Suits or Suburgatory and Elle said she would help by not getting my way, but I think that was her way of saying she wasn’t really going to help.

Ruby: Oh my…you missed a reference to A Beautiful Mind? Are you feeling okay?

Ginger: Oh. I’m fine. I just think there might be a message from Joss in these episodes…I just need to find the connection…and put them back together in the right order. What came first, Daybreak or Lost?

Ruby: You’re asking me?

Ginger: Oh, that’s right…let’s see, he said “ya wanna,” which is a direct quote from “Out of Gas,” and then was drugged and kissed, which is a direct copy of “Our Mrs. Reynolds,” so…then you add in the number of episodes between them and that’s…um…one. But two references, so…maybe that could…hmm…

Ruby: Ginger?

Ginger: Shh! I have to think…

Ruby: How long has it been since you left your apartment?

Ginger: I had to go to work on Friday. Came back, caught on again.

Ruby: Ginger…what sparked this particular…

Ginger: Aha! And then, when you add in the “shiny” comment that episode of Chuck, you get…well, nowhere until you find the Christmas reference. Ho, ho! Thought it was almost over and then…then…let’s see, Christmas is mentioned in…”Our Mrs. Reynolds!” There’s a theme, see?!

Ruby: Ginger. Is this because there’s no current Joss Whedon show on the air?

Ginger: …no.

Ruby: I see. You don’t have enough Joss in your life, so you’re stretching any possible links to Firefly so that you can fictionalize any minor event into a full-blown entertaining fantasy.

Ginger: …no. That’s not…completely true…

Ruby: Ginger. Why don’t you just create a cartoon version of yourself, like any normal person, and give that character a life you wish you had?

Ginger: Yeah, right. How could my life be any better?

Ruby: You’re right. What was I thinking.

Ginger: Is that sarcasm?

Ruby: You tell me.

Ginger: Can I tell you after you finish watching every episode of The Unit with Summer Glau in there?

Ruby: I’m going to find Elle and offer her my couch until you get past this.

Ginger: I can offer you the entire series and graphic novel follow-up of Dollhouse! You liked that show, remember?!

Ruby: Good-bye, Ginger…


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