Prophetic or Phunny? You Decide.

Ginger: Hullo, this is Ginger.

Ruby: Ginger?

Ginger: I didn’t do it!

Ruby: I beg to differ.

Ginger: I didn’t do it intentionally?

Ruby: Try again.

Ginger: It was dark, I thought he was a pincushion, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Ruby: Interesting…although, I was under the impression the act in question was carried out with tape.

Ginger: I was over that impression a long time ago…wait, what tape act are we questioning?

Ruby: Did you watch the news this morning?

Ginger: Only for the weather.

Ruby: So you didn’t see the random scaffolding covered in 5 x 7 glossy prints?

Ginger: Um…not on the news…

Ruby: Didn’t you ask me to drive to another state so you could have several rolls of film developed?

Ginger: You did turn me down, you know.

Ruby: But I’m not your only mode of transportation, am I?

Ginger: Did you know some trains go all the way to into other states?

Ruby: It’s called the Photogenic Scaffold, you know.

Ginger: It wouldn’t have been if I’d left some of the more questionable photos in the mix…why do boys take pictures like that?

Ruby: You did do it, then!

Ginger: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ruby: You saw random scaffolding floating around the city and tied disposable cameras to it and at the end of the day, you developed the film in another state and then duct-taped the results to the scaffold!

Ginger: I did not tie anything to a scaffold – random and floating or otherwise! The string would have gotten in the way of the lens.

Ruby: You duct-taped them?

Ginger: Don’t be silly! How would anyone take pictures with the scaffold if a camera was duct-taped to it?

Ruby: How did you do it?

Ginger: Honor system?

Ruby: The honor system doesn’t work without supervision and you know it.

Ginger: Magnets?

Ruby: In a plastic camera?

Ginger: Magic!

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: Sheer force of will!

Ruby: That I’d believe if you were standing there the whole time. Which you weren’t, since you were emailing me all day yesterday.

Ginger: I got bored.

Ruby: I noticed. So did my team when I was in a meeting and giving a PowerPoint presentation.

Ginger: Did they like the email?

Ruby: You’re changing the subject.

Ginger: Fine. I duct-taped string to the back of the cameras. I mean, I would have duct-taped string to the back of the cameras if I had done it.

Ruby: It’s being compared to that Polaroid commercial with the stolen garden gnome.

Ginger: Oh, I remember that one! I liked it…

Ruby: Yeah…we could tell.

Ginger: You didn’t rat me out to the press, though, did you?

Ruby: No. But I certainly hope you paid off your photoshop employee.

Ginger: Um…yeah…on a completely unrelated side note, wanna drive me to a photoshop three blocks from the train station in Indiana?

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