It’s The Auto Show!

Ruby: (answering phone) Hi there.

Ginger: Sdamush cor Dubbink Monuphs?

Ruby: Try again?

Ginger: Sorry, my scarf got in the way. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

Ruby: Oh, either.

Ginger: It’s cold outside. Make a decision.

Ruby: Um, Starbucks.

Ginger: Got it. Bye.

Ruby: Bye. (hangs up)

Ruby: Did she say ‘scarf?’

(a knock at the door)

Ruby: Hang on, I’m coming…

Ginger: Hurry up, it’s the Hero of Canton with coffee!

Ruby: (opening door) Oh…my…goodness. Is the Magistrate looking to enact his revenge?

Ginger: Shake yer head, girl, your eyes are stuck!

Ruby: Do I have to start singing the song now?

Ginger: This one’s your coffee. Hurry up, my shades are fogging up.

Ruby: I didn’t even know you owned a real coat.

Ginger: It’s fah-reezing out there.

Ruby: I can tell…

Ginger: I’m just trying to stay warm!

Ruby: No, I meant my coffee is a coffee-cicle.

Ginger: Oh, sorry. It was just three blocks…

Ruby: I can microwave it.

Ginger: Well, as long as we hurry. I want to get to the Auto Show before all the good pictures are taken.

Ruby: You do realize that makes no sense, right?

Ginger: Whatever. Let’s go. The sooner we go, the sooner we’re out of the cold.

Ruby: Yeah…okay.

(later, on the bus)

Ruby: The Hero of Canton, the man they call–

Ginger: Oh, hush. At least my face didn’t have to thaw in order to make snide comments.

Ruby: Point proven. I’ll ask Fly to bring a scarf when he meets us at the Show.

Ginger: Are we there yet?

Ruby: …sigh…

(at the Show)

Ruby: Okay, I brought the camera so we can make everyone jealous of our–wow.

Ginger: What? I’m just going to the coat check. Do you want me to check your coat, too?

Ruby: No wonder you were cold. Normal people wear full clothing under their coats.

Ginger: What? I had to be recognizable so you could find me, should we accidentally get split up.

Ruby: You’re planning on playing hide-n-go-seek in the cars, aren’t you?

Ginger: Well, it was either that or Giant Scav Hunt, but I didn’t think the exhibitors would be willing to give up things like microphones, name tags, awesome leather jackets…

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: Oh, look, Ruby! A car!

Ruby: “A”? We’re at the Auto Show and you—

Ginger: Look, it’s blue!

Ruby: Oh, well, in that case…

(much later…)

Ginger: Rubes! A blue car!

Ruby: Ooh, a pretty blue!

Ginger: A closer look is required.

Ruby: Agreed.

Ginger: Care for a fruity-oaty bar?

Ruby: How did you find—

Ginger: Fruity-oaty bars, make a man out of a mouse…fruity-oaty bars make you bust out of your blouse…

Ruby: I don’t want one anymore.

Ginger: I’ll stop singing…

Ruby: Deal.

Ginger: Blue car, dead ahead!

(later still…)

Ginger: Ruby! It’s blue, Ruby! It’s blue!

Ruby: Have you seen Fly? He’s supposed to be here by now…

Ginger: Blue…Car… Or I could sing the Fruity-Oaty Bar song again…

Ruby: Okay, we’ll go look…

(much later…still)

Ruby: Ginger! Look! A tank!

Ginger: Ooh! Helly-choppers!

Ruby: Come on, we’ll take a break from blue cars…

Ginger: Do you think they’d let us paint the tank blue?

Ruby: Doubt it. (her phone rings) It’s Fly! Hullo…

Fly: (on the phone) Hey, where is everyone?

Ginger: Tell him we’re at the tank.

Ruby: We’re over by the tank.

Fly: (on the phone) What tank?

Ruby: The giant tank. By the Army Reserve exhibit.

Fly: (on the phone) They have a tank at the Auto Show? Where?

Ruby: The tank. By the helicopter.

Fly: (on the phone) I don’t see a tank.

Ruby: The tank. I don’t know how else to put it. I mean, it looks like a tank!

Ginger: Tell him it’s not blue.

Ruby: Ginger said to tell you it’s not blue.

Fly: (on the phone) Is that supposed to mean something?

Ruby: I don’t know how that’s helpful, I just—

Ginger: I see him!

Fly: (on the phone, standing behind Ruby) I see Ginger…

Ruby: How do you see Ginger and not me?

Ginger: I told you I had to be recognizable.

Fly: (still standing behind Ruby as both of them hang up their phones) She’s sitting on the tank. It’s kinda hard to miss her.

Ruby: Ginger! Get down from there! Wait, how did you see Ginger and not the tank?

Fly: Well, with directions like “it’s not blue…” how could I miss it?

Ginger: Okay, we’re all here. Now. Tag! You’re it! (runs off)

Ruby: Did you get to eat anything?

Fly: I had a sandwich while I waited for the bus.

Ruby: We had fruity-oaty bars while we waited for you. Ginger can’t stop singing the song.

Fly: What song?

Ruby: You have seen Serenity. You should know this.

Fly: Oh yeah…that song… Um, were we supposed to chase after her?

Ruby: Eventually, she’ll find a blue car and come back to get us.

Fly: What’s the deal with the blue cars?

Ruby: It’s Ginger. She has this thing about blue…anythings.

Fly: Really?

Ruby: Yeah. Blue foods, drinks…cars…

Ginger: Um, hullo? There’s a blue car right over there! Let’s roll!

Ruby: See? Told you.

Ginger: Told him what?

Fly: Ginger, is that car…blue?

Ginger: (gasp!) Where?! (runs off)

Fly: That is so easy…

Ruby: I know, but we shouldn’t over-do it. She might catch on.

Fly: Right. Shall we?

Ruby: Let’s!


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