Movin’ Right Along, Costello…

Ruby: Fly? Are you here?

Fly: Physically? Yes.

Ruby: Are you sleeping?

Fly: Mostly.

Ruby: You talk very well for a sleeping body.

Fly: So I’ve been told. What’s going on?

Ruby: Ginger is on her way over here. She says she has a very important thing to discuss with us.

Fly: Very important or Ginger’s version of ‘very important’?

Ruby: Right now, it’s difficult to tell. (knocking on the door) That’s her.

Fly: I’ll get up.

Ruby: Hello, Ginger…what’s with the maps?

Ginger: I’ve decided it’s been too long since I was on a road trip. So, I’ve plotted one out.

Fly: Why are we the ones who get to enjoy this experience with you?

Ginger: Because you both have passports.

Ruby: Ginger, don’t take this the wrong way, but…are we leaving the country because of some…minor indiscretion you may have…committed recently?

Ginger: Don’t be ridiculous. I wasn’t caught.

Fly: Why doesn’t this make me feel better?

Ruby: Okay, Ginger, where are you taking us?

Ginger: Saskatchewan.

Fly: As in “Send someone to fetch us/We’re in Saskatchewan?”

Ruby: Movin’ right along, doo-doo-doot, doo-doo-doot, doo-doo-doot…

Ginger: I can’t believe I’m saying this: Focus!

Fly: Sorry. You said Saskatchewan. We thought Muppets.

Ruby: And song ensued. You were saying you wanted to take us to Saskatchewan?

Ginger: Forget, Saskatchewan.

Fly: You don’t want to take us to Saskatchewan?

Ginger: Yes I do.

Ruby: But you just said to forget Saskatchewan.

Ginger: No, I said ‘Forget, Saskatchewan.’

Fly: I think my brain hurts.

Ginger: It’s only 17 and a half hours if we drive continually, but I can completely understand if you might want to take pit stops or something. So, I’ve plotted out a course that will get us there quickly –

Ruby: Where?

Fly: To Saskatchewan?

Ginger: Exactly. Forget, Saskatchewan.

Ruby: Okay, my brain hurts now.

Ginger: But with my plotting and planning, we can get to Forget in two days with one bed-n-breakfast stop along the way and we’ll have all the opportunities to have an easy, languorous journey all the way to Forget.

Fly: What are we forgetting, exactly?

Ginger: Oh, right, sorry. Please can we go to Forget in Saskatchewan?

Ruby: Do we have something that needs to be forgotten?

Ginger: There’s an arts festival in July, but we don’t have to go then, if that doesn’t work with your schedules.

Fly: There’s an arts festival in Saskatchewan?

Ginger: Yup.

Ruby: Saskatchewan is pretty big, Ginge…where, exactly, is the arts festival?

Ginger: Forget.

Fly: You forgot where the arts festival is?

Ginger: No. The town only has about 40 people in it. I’m pretty sure we can find the arts festival once we’re there.

Fly: Once we’re where?

Ginger: Forget.

Ruby: Let’s start over. Ginger. You want to go to an arts festival.

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: You plotted out the course to the arts festival.

Ginger: That’s what these maps are for…

Ruby: A nice, easy, languorous journey of 2 days up to the arts festival.

Ginger: Yup. To and from. Four days of traveling with a B&B included and lots of rest stops available along the way to add to the ease and languorous…ness…ocity.

Ruby: The arts festival is in Saskatchewan.

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: Where the population is approximately 40 people.

Ginger: You’re catching on!

Ruby: And the name of the town is…

Ginger: Forget.

Ruby: The town is called Forget?

Ginger: Yeah! See? Here, on the map!

Ruby: You just wanted to have an Abbot & Costello moment, didn’t you?

Ginger: It was a bit more fun than it should have been.

Fly: It can’t be that easy.

Ruby: Simple minds, simple pleasures.

Ginger: Seriously, though, can we go? 6 days, I promise that’s all! Two days to Forget and two days there and two days back and when people ask us where we were we can say ‘Forget.’

Fly: There’s actually a town called Forget?

Ruby: Ginger, I can honestly say that only you would want to go to Forget, Saskatchewan.

Fly: Who would want to remember Saskatchewan?

Ginger: It’s as close to a Jedi Mind Trick as I can get! “Where were you?” “Forget.” “Okay.” C’mon!

Ruby: It does sound like a fun game…

Fly: It sounds more fun the more ways you say it… “Let’s go to Forget.”

Ruby: “Let’s make a trip to Forget.”

Ginger: So we’re going?

Fly: I want to go to Forget.

Ruby: I guess we’re going to Forget.

Ginger: We’ll drive to Forget and we won’t look back!

Fly: So, when exactly is the Arts Festival? I’ll have to check my schedule at the hospital.

Ginger: Oh yeah, it’s in July.

Ruby: What part of July?

Ginger: Mid-July…or maybe mid-August…early August? I forget.


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