Math – It’s Coming Back.

Ginger: Math is unrealistic.

Ruby: I’m sorry, do you think I’m someone else? Someone who isn’t going to argue this?

Ginger: Math wants to live in a little bubble world in which everyone travels on paved roads and never stray from the path. Especially word problems.

Ruby: Word problems?

Ginger: I think word problems don’t take into account the variables of reality.

Ruby: What are you talking about?

Ginger: Ken can paint a 10’x20′ room in half the time it takes Tom. Together they get it done in 4 2/3 hours. How many hours would it take Tom working alone?

Ruby: I’m taking away your calendar.

Ginger: The real question is about quality.

Ruby: Quality?

Ginger: Does Tom do a better job than Ken? Isn’t that why he’s slower? I mean, really, think about it. If you’re going to have someone paint your 10’x20′ room, don’t you want it to be the best job available?

Ruby: Maybe they’re getting paid by the hour and Tom is taking advantage of you. Maybe Ken is the more reliable partner.

Ginger: Ken’s probably married, then, since he’s so reliable.

Ruby: Ah, now we get to the crux of the matter: you’re bitter about love. Again.

Ginger: I’m not bitter. Bitter would mean I despise married people and anyone who is in a successful relationship and I would help fan the flames of fear in those who believe their relationships are falling apart. I’m not bitter.

Ruby: What do you call yourself then?

Ginger: I am called Ginger by some, but you may call me………Ginger. Of the Blaze Philosophy. Some day, I shall be known as the foundress of Blazing Philosophies, or “Blazers”.

Ruby: And they shall be recognizable to the masses by their common article of clothing – known as a “blazer.”

Ginger: I like this vision of the future you offer.

Ruby: You have such strange flights of fancy.

Ginger: The real question is, actually, are you sad you have scores of frequent flyer miles with them?

Ruby: I’ll let you know. By the way, did you want to know how to solve the math problem?

Ginger: No. I’d still hire Tom over Ken.

Ruby: But we just established that he might be taking advantage of you.

Ginger: Yeah, but you missed the underlying implications.

Ruby: And they are?

Ginger: While Ken is so reliable that he’s married, Tom might be taking his time so he can spend all 14 hours flirting with me. Maybe I’m the reason it takes him so long. And Tom is not reliable, so it can be assumed that he’s the single one and most likely to be a safe flirt.

Ruby: Do you ever listen to your words?

Ginger: I tried a long time ago, but I talk too much and I got bored. Why?

Ruby: No reason.


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