Games Are Fun! (Spoiler Alert: Dexter)

Ruby: Ginger, what are you watching?

Ginger: Dexter. My brother lent me the DVD’s

Ruby: Turn it off.

Ginger: We’re almost to the end of the episode.

Ruby: Please turn it off. I am not Fly. Scenes of body parts really do bother me.

Ginger: There’s no blood.

Ruby: Right now? Not caring.

Ginger: Okay, fine. Just let me text my brother so he knows how far I got.

Ruby: That’s fine. Just put on some singing flowers or something to wipe the images from my mind, please.

Ginger: Right. Who Framed Roger Rabbit for you.

Ruby: Thank you.

Ginger: …huh.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: My text to my brother reads as this: “Capt Hook just called Emily Rose to say he’d be late cause he’s chopping up LaGuerta’s latest vic.”

Ruby: …what?

Ginger: Yeah, he’s gonna think I’m on drugs.

Ruby: What does it mean?

Ginger: It means I got through the episode where the audience learns the identity of the Ice Truck Killer.

Ruby: How does that connect at all?

Ginger: Why should I tell you? Maybe you’re going to want to watch the show someday and this IS A SPOILER.

Ruby: When have you ever known me to seek out TV shows that are focused on serial killers? From the serial killer’s point of view?

Ginger: You have a point. But remember I’m about to provide serious spoilers from 2006.

Ruby: Thank you for the warning.

Ginger: I means, it’s not like I’m giving away what happened in season three of The Walking Dead or anything, but I might still be spoiling this for someone.

Ruby: Please continue.

Ginger: Well, the actress who plays Dexter’s sister also played Emily Rose in that really scary movie I watched so very long ago.

Ruby: Okay.

Ginger: So, to play a game with my brother, I refer to her as Emily Rose, despite her character’s name being Deb.

Ruby: Yeah. Like your whole “Parker Lewis Is In Stargate: SG1” claim.

Ginger: Exactly so. Deb – Emily Rose – is dating a prosthetics doctor in the show, but I can’t remember what his character’s name is yet. Because he’s in prosthetics, the other characters call him “Captain Hook.” I think I heard them do that. Like, once.

Ruby: Well, that helps.

Ginger: In the scene, he called Deb to say he’d be late for their date and then, after hanging up, the audience learned – but Deb did not – that he is, in fact, the Ice Truck Killer.

Ruby: Okay…hence the body parts I am still scrubbing from my mind.

Ginger: Yes. And, because I enjoy annoying my brothers, I’ve been telling this brother that the Ice Truck Killer is actually Dexter’s lieutenant – LaGuerta. She’s really into Dexter, but he’s not into her at all.

Ruby: Okay…

Ginger: So, despite learning who the Ice Truck Killer really is, I’m claiming that LaGuerta is behind it all.

Ruby: Capt Hook just called Emily Rose to say he’d be late cause he’s chopping up LaGuerta’s latest vic.

Ginger: Exactly.

Ruby: You have so many issues…

Ginger: Yes, but my games are fun.

Ruby: I like other games. Like Bananagrams.

Ginger: OH! That reminds me! We need to play that again!

Ruby: I’m so very, very scared…

Ginger: I promise to not involve Dexter.

Ruby: Less scared.

Ginger: Or blood.

Ruby: Let’s play.


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