Delayed Reaction

Ginger: Ruby?

Ruby: Ginger?

Ginger: Where are you?

Ruby: Underneath the sink. Look down.

Ginger: Whatcha dooooin’?

Ruby: Trying to fix my sink.

Ginger: Ah. Do you have any ice?

Ruby: Check the freezer. Wait. Why?

Ginger: Because this bottle is room temperature and I want it colder, Mrs. Suspicious-Skirt.

Ruby: Just making sure. Mrs. Suspicious-Skirt?

Ginger: You’re not wearing pants. So what’s wrong with your sink?

Ruby: There’s something wrong with it.

Ginger: So are you fixing it or are you going to replace something?

Ruby: I think I have to replace this piece. I don’t know, though, it’s so small and the only thing I can find that’s wrong with it is this tiny little crack…everything else is fine.

Ginger: So, which piece?

Ruby: The one by my knee. I don’t get it – it’s a nothing piece.

Ginger: Well, you know what happens if a “nothing piece” breaks, right?

Ruby: I spend forty-five minutes under my sink with a flashlight and a schematic of the romantically mysterious world of kitchen plumbing?

Ginger: Zoe goes into a coma, there’s no life support, you’re dead in the water and before you know it, you’re sending out shuttles in opposite direction with your entire crew hoping someone can get some help back and then you’re bleeding to death – and all on Simon’s birthday.

Ruby: Ginger, not everything…actually, this time Firefly might be applicable to real life.

Ginger: Do you know how long I’ve waited for an opportunity like this?

Ruby: You are just so lucky the events lined up like this.

Ginger: I know!

Ruby: …it was luck, wasn’t it?

Ginger: I wouldn’t know which piece to crack.

Ruby: Your honesty isn’t very reassuring right now.

Ginger: Don’t you think you would notice if my legs were sticking out from under your kitchen sink one day and then suddenly your sink stops working?

Ruby: I’d hope I would.

Ginger: Hey, how long do I have to leave a bottle in ice before the insides get all chill and stuff?

Ruby: Depends on the bottle…what are you trying to chill, Ginger?

Ginger: Champagne.

Ruby: Why do you have champagne?

Ginger: It’s Friday. Champagne was on sale. I thought you’d like to celebrate with me.

Ruby: Okay…why didn’t you say something when you first came in?

Ginger: I am very easily distracted. You were under a sink. Firefly. Need I go on?

Ruby: Not really. Where’s the champagne and why are you holding my frozen vegetables, some frozen steaks and ice cream?

Ginger: I left the bottle in the freezer. It needed room.

Ruby: Of course.

Ginger: I’m not pouring champagne OVER ice cubes, Ruby. That’s crazy-talk.

Ruby: And uncouth.

Ginger: And I’m always couth.

Ruby: Couth is a word?

Ginger: Would I make up words?

Ruby: Just answer the question.

Ginger: I had to look it up earlier today for someone. It’s a word.

Ruby: Thank you. Was that so hard?

Ginger: It wasn’t as much fun… Ruby?

Ruby: Ginger?

Ginger: My arms are cold.

Ruby: Yeah, let’s put these back in the freezer now…

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